Slow Teethy Egg Whites


As tempting as it is, the daisy rug is not an egg, and you should not try to eat today's new item!
What else does it look like to you? Me? A cookie.

Tierney tells the size of a squid's eye in her latest video in her aquarium.
If I was ever going on a submarine ride, I would definitely want Tierney with me. She knows so much about the creatures of the deep. And she could tell which way the sub would go.

Scientists have found some evidence that may lead to the finding of the Megalodon.
It may still be alive, as ferocious it may be.

And slow-mo over to the slow loris.
Just look at its eyes!



  1. Cookie + Egg + Flower + Rug = A delicious plant that can be eaten or used as decor.

  2. Mmm, like a fondant flower sugar cookie! Now I'm hungry.

  3. The animal is the second video is so adorable! :O

    1. Is it called the Slow Loris? Mhmm.... I think so....

  4. The shark is terrifying! Did it eat a human? Blood on the teeth! /).(\


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