Hey Jammers! Sorry for not being able to post all week, things came up and I had to take care of them (Homework, Projects, all the boring stuff), but now I am back with todays later-than-usual post. I overslept. Oops! So anyway, todays newest Jamaasian item is... The returning Antlers!
   They were previously sold in the Shiveer Shoppe, and went off sale sometime this year. Now they are back, but then again, they may only be a limited time item. Be sure to pick one up for yourself before they leave! AJHQ also made a post on The Daily Explorer, surrounding Printable Fun! You can print out connect the dots, or even coloring sheets. Check it out!
   You can click to enlarge that photo. That's all for now! See you in Jamaa!


1 comment:

  1. These look RLLY silly on foxes! And hav u ever hears of a jackelope? Put these on a bunny and u u hav a jackelope!


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