3 Years on AJ & Pile of Snowballs

Today is November 29! It was on this day in 2010 that I first joined Animal Jam. That means I have been playing for 3 years now! I've played so long I joined AJ only two months after Beta Testing finished. I remember the old Crystal Sands (wild beach, no water slides!). I even remember getting sent Spiked Collars as a monthly member gift! I even was there when Mt. Shiveer and Appondale first came out. (And by the way, the Mt. Shiveer release was way more exciting than Kimbara Outback, for one reason or another.)

Anyway, enough of that. Today's new item is the Pile of Snowballs in Jam Mart Furniture.

It only comes in one color, of course, because they are snowballs. The funny thing is it is sold in a furniture store. Why would a furniture store sell snowballs? Why would any store sell snowballs? I guess we just have to use are imaginations.

Be prepared, Jammers, now that November is almost over, AJHQ is going to be releasing all sorts of items for Winter and the Jamaalidays! Even the theme here at Animal Jam Community will change from Autumn to Winter!

Here is the Comment Question:
When did you join Animal Jam?
It's a simple question, just take a few seconds to answer it in a comment! Also, you can answer the new poll on the right sidebar!



  1. I joined November 16th, 2010. And I do remember the day Spikes were sent to us! I never thought they'd get so rare O.0

  2. I signed up for an account on Animal Jam on July 1st, 2012. So far it's been a whole year.

  3. Same as you, I joined a little after beta. Either that or in beta, I forget! I joined a little in the middle of September 2010.

  4. I joined sometime between February and April 2011, but I did not become a member till November 23 2012…
    Today I have been a member for one year and 6 days!
    - rascalcat

  5. i played for two years, sadly after Beta Days were gone

  6. I joined a little bit after the Beta Days ended.

  7. :0 I only started playing AJ this summer
    I want to have started playing like in 2010 :'(


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