Candle Ornament

Jamaa's Feast of Thanks is only two days away! Most of you are probably off from school now. I get off tomorrow. 

Today's items is strangely more of a Jamaalidays item, or at least it was in the past. In December 2011 and 2012, the Candle Ornament was released as a Jamaaliday decoration, but this year it seems it is just a candle. You can find it in Jam Mart Furniture:

Strange, this item has been released in 10 different colors! Most only come in 8. I wonder if AJHQ made a mistake. (Did you know in 2010 most items were released in only four colors?)

The Candle Ornament has always been one of my favorite den decorations. You can put it anywhere in any den, but it looks especially good in the Gingerbread House den and the Ice Castle, being the more wintery dens. Here is a little setup you can do in any den:

Just put a candle on a Fancy Fireplace, it looks really good! So, I guess From now on I will alternate between giving examples of how to use the latest item, and a Comment Question. Will that be better?

Any way, Happy Feast of Thanks!



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  2. Ah! Did anyone notice the ALL PINK CANDLE?!?!!?


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