Rare Shark Tooth

   Hey Jammers! Zach94 here once again with todays' Daily Update. As most of you know, its Monday, the beginning of the school week, so you are pretty much all depressed, right? Well no need to feel down anymore! Its Rare Item Monday in Jamaa! Todays RIM comes from Bahari Bargains. It's the Rare Shark Tooth!

   Pawesome new item! It's too bad it costs so many gems though... I'm running low. ^.^ Thats all for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!



  1. School's depressing, that's why we have rare animated shark teeth! Love dat logic

  2. I cant post tomorrow morning. Sorry! I am going in early, and I dont think I'll find the time to post :(

  3. I rlly like this item! It makes it easier 2 look tough!

  4. Lol its a necklace wow never would have guest.. -_-


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