Leaf Pile and Starfish Glasses

 Hey Jammers! Zach94 here, bright and early with todays Daily Updates! So today, there is actually TWO new items! One Member, one Nonmember. The Nonmember new item is none other than the returning Leaf Pile!
 I love this item. I really do, because if my membership runs out at some point, I will still be able to have these fallen leaves. Next, we have an underwater item, sold in Bahari Bargains. Its Starfish Glasses!
 I bet it looks just like you have two starfish stuck right over your eyes! Also, AJHQ made a post on The Daily Explorer about Meet Cosmo being available to everyone...
Click to Enlarge
Thats all for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!


1 comment:

  1. Meet Cosmo is a RLLY long adventure but the prizes r worth it!


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