Hey Jammers, today the item is underwater. Goggles are now available in Bahari Bargains, in Bahari Bay. Here are the eight colors:

Personally, I wish the artists working for AJHQ should spend more time making better looking items. Nobody really uses Items like these, at least not usually. I wonder if they are running out of ideas, because they used to make better items then now.

Also, I have finished the Lands section of the Jamaa page! I made an awesome interactive map of Jamaa, and there is a page about every land in Jamaa, with free graphics! Check it out here...

Thank you to those who answered the Comment Question yesterday. The best way you can help to get the blog active and make people want to keep viewing is by commenting! Today's comment question is this:
What is you favorite rare item? Why do you like it?
I think mine is a Founders' Hat:

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hey everyone!
    I just managed to get a computer today, and wow, this is so awesome! I love the design and that lands page is so incredible! You are computer geniuses.
    Good luck with the awesome blog!

  2. Really cool blog Pumaa! You're a really great blogger like my other friends such as MCB, Kinyonga, and all those great bloggers. I don't know what happened to us being buddies but please try and give me a Jam-A-Gram and we can be buddies again if you'd like!? :D

    1. Ah, forgot to mention, I'm infinitymagicheroisback!

    2. Okay, your list is full, you'll have to send the request to me. Thanks

  3. I rlly like the worns and fox hats! And those goggles r perfect 4 a Leo Valdez costume!

  4. My fav is the founders too :3


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