Jamaa Journal Vol. 104

Today is update day! The main part of today's update is the all new "Play-as-your-Pet" Party:

Unfortunately, the party isn't on yet, but we will be sure to post about it once we can get in.

On page two, we an advertisement for Animal Jam Membership gift cards:

That looks pretty cool! Too bad the only way to get it is if you go all the way to Walmart or Target (I don't live close to either of those).

On page three, they confirm what we already thought: Deer are coming to Jamaa for the Jamaalidays!

And also, we have a brand new video about Adventures, and Alphas. Click the video in the newspaper while you are playing to watch it! Here is a screenshot:

Is the video too kiddish? Or Modern? Or do you like it just the way it is? Comment and tell us!

On page four, AJHQ is reminding us that we will get a gift every day we log in to Animal Jam during the month of December!

Also, for the next two weeks, every game in Jamaa will currently give double the gems it normally would!

This is a great opportunity to earn thousands of gems, don't waste it!

And finally, on page five, there is an advertisement for another mobile game by Animal Jam:

Apparently the game isn't released yet, but we''ll be sure to tell you when it is!

And last, but not least, the well know Turkey Hat is being resold in Jam Mart Clothing:

Even though it may look a little weird, the Turkey Hat will always be one of the Animal Jam classics. It's first four colors were released in November 2010, around the time I first joined!

Thanks for reading, and remember to check back every day for more updates!



  1. The play as your pet party is RLLY fun!!!

  2. At the Play As Your Pet Party, you can buy little furniture items such as the pet couch, table and even a sports car!


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