RIM: Rare Faerie Wings

Today is Rare Item Monday! Unfortunately, today's rare isn't too cool looking, but if you like Faerie Wings, it's for you!

A bit expensive, for an item that doesn't look too cool, but I guess that is what makes it Rare.

Here is today's comment question:
What is your favorite animal in Animal Jam? Why do you like it?
I think mine is a cheetah:

Thanks for reading! I will try to get an extra post in this afternoon, so keep checking back!



  1. I like bunnies best. Because, they look really cute. ^.^
    And wings looks nice on them. :D
    They also look good with any clothing.

    1. Its funny, when you first join Animal Jam, all the animals like rabbits and wolves look strange, but you get used to them I guess.

    2. And the look good with Founders' Hats and Top Hats too!

    3. @Pumaa yeah!
      Oh and that comment was from a long timeee ago.
      My current fave animal is the Snow Leopard and foxie!

  2. i like the deer. i like the deer b cause they look cool with any clothing! and i like the arctic wolf too for the same reason

  3. My favourite is the wolf and my favourite water animal. Is the turtle!


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