Happy Feast of Thanks

Hey Jammers, Zach94 here. So, there actually is TWO new items, rather than none. These two items are found at the Play-as-your-pet Party, so they were easy to not find. We have the teensy Pet Diner Stool -

Scooter Jammer of Animal Jam Sky Blog's Picture

And also, we have the Pet Stone Chair! Now your pets can be Clan-Leaders along with you! 

Scooter Jammer of Animal Jam Sky Blog's Picture

You can edit the color of the seat on the Pet Diner Stool, and the Diamond on the Pet Stone Chair.

That's all the new AJHQ brought to us today! Don't eat too much turkey, and see you in Jamaa!



  1. I made a pet restaurant with the chairs and table!

    1. Wow did u do restrat den or did they not have that yet???


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