Pilgrim Hat & a Mushroom Table

 Hey Jammers! Sorry for posting late, again :|, we went out to breakfast with my friends, and then I went to their house for a bit. No excuses though! Enough about my life, todays TWO new items are similar to the Autumn Season! First, we have the Pilgrim Hat!
 It even comes with those little white thingies! Next, we have the Mushroom Table! Perfect for sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner in Jamaa!
 Two new posts on The Daily Explorer.... One on being Thankful For....
 And another one on the NEW PLUSH that have arrived! Be sure to buy some! 
 That's all for Today! See you in Jamaa!


1 comment:

  1. I think that the white things are a beard... or thats wat its supposed 2 b... :P


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