Scorpion Tail Armor & Cheetahs Sleeping

Today in Epic Wonders, a new item has been released, the Scorpion Tail Armor.

That should complete the Scorpion Armor Set, all found in Epic Wonders.

By the way, have you noticed when Cheetahs sleep? They keep their eyes open!

That is what all the animals did when AJ was in Beta Testing... I wonder if the Animal Jam artists didn't notice, or if it's on purpose. What do you think?



  1. I think AJHQ didn't notice like they don't notice NMs crying out how unfair AJ is becoming...

    MythCat2907 I miss the BETA testing days! It was so much fun... Everything was so damn cheap and NM...

  2. Pumaa can you at least do a leaving post on your blog?

  3. I forgot to tell you guys I was going to be inactive for about a week or so due to some personal things! I'll be back to posting tomorrow.

  4. @Anonymous
    maybe... I don't know what I'm doing with JC yet.

  5. Ya the cheetahs almost look like they r just lying down... ^.^

  6. Im from 2015 how do I get scorpion armor now?? There is no armor any more!!


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