Jamaalidays Graphics

Tomorrow is the first of December, meaning we will get our first Jamaaliday gift! Animal Jam HQ has sent out an email to everyone with some information about the Jamaalidays. Be sure to check that! They also sent a cool Jamaalidays graphic (please give credit if you take it from AJC):

Cool! I love the colors. If only it were bigger... There are also two new posts on AJHQ's blog The Daily Explorer.

The New Animal post includes another graphic! This one is quite large, it would make a good blog or desktop background. Click it for a bigger size:

Thanks for reading, and we will add the new item ASAP! If you were wondering, the new Animal Jam Community Winter theme will be released next Thursday (December 5), when Animal Jam updates with the Jamaalidays!



  1. I never saw AJC in a winter theme! That'd be cool! I hope I get to see it this year! :D


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