Tail Items- Coming Soon?

Hey Jammers!
Some of you might have heard about the AJHQ "Guide" Sizzlerat. Well, Sizzlerat isn't a guide, he is a test account made by AJHQ- but why? Well, Sizzlerat was made to test an item that will be coming soon- a tail item! This is what it will look like in pink, (this is a screenshot I took from Sizzlerat's profile):
How do I know this?, you might be wondering. Well, someone told me. As a matter of fact someone working on the AJHQ team told me. I asked AJHQ this question on the feedback page on Animal Jam:
Simple question, I know, but I got just the answer I wanted. Here is AJHQ's reply:
Click to enlarge.
Awesome, right? It basically said tail items will be sold eventually and that Sizzlerat was made to try out the tail items before they were sold!

What do you think about tail items so far? Tell me in the comments!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. Hi i have a rare 1 they r out now get 1 ! they r so awesome

  2. Hi TheSlidoo!! I'm a huge fan of your blog. Can you add me on Animal Jam?? My user is macy0830. Bye Jammers!!

  3. Then,DUN DUN DUN a few months later......... THEY COME OUT!!!!!

  4. Oooh i love the new tail armor :DDD

  5. The graphic was so pretty! Aww! <3


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