Jamaa Journal - Volume 53

Hi jammers!
It's Thursday and the new Jamaa Journal has been released!
This issue of the Jamaa Journal features the new room: the Sol Arcade!
Let's have a look at page 2...
The new room at Jamaa Township, Sol Arcade, has a new game called Phantom Invasion! Be sure to go check it out! Also, AJHQ is starting to release items all the time, rather than just every other week! Also, every Monday is going to be a Rare Item Monday, where a rare item is put into stores on that Monday only... So does this mean they're going to make a new item every Monday, or release older rare items?
Moving on to page 3...
Animal Jam is holding another design contest! This time you have to come up with a new Jam-A-Gram about friendship! Draw it in real life and scan it, or draw it on your computer, and then submit it at Jamaa Central in Jamaa Township! All entries must be submitted by February 8th.
Let's have a look at page 4...
This page talks about the Friendship Festival! You might start to see decorations around Jamaa shortly! Also, it tells us about the Daily Explorer, Animal Jam's new official blog.
Taking a look at the last page...
Finally, it's confirmed that the new animal which will be released in 2 weeks is the penguin! Yay!

What do you think of this new Jamaa Journal? What's your favourite update today?



  1. I wish there will be a new design jamagram contest! i have a few great ideas!

    1. Cool! I also got some awesome idea, hope there is one soon!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That was 2 flippin' years ago. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? :'(

    1. Yeah, Ik time flies so quickly, we don't even realize!

  3. Wow. The old newspaper was a lot better!


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