New Clothing and Furniture 2/16/12

Hey Jammers!
Animal Jam just updated today with some cool new items! Please remember Animal Jam is adding items at random times so my item posting system will be a little different from now on. Items resold from before will have a caption saying the date it was first sold. So I'll start with today's new items.

Today's Items (2/16/12):

Jamaa Township
Jam Mart Clothing
RESOLD: February 2011
Museum Den Shop

Throughout the Past Week (2/3/12 - 2/15/12):
Mt. Shiveer
Shiveer Shoppe

Jamaa Township
Jam Mart Furniture
RESOLD: February 2011
Lost Temple of Zios
Mystery Emporium

Coral Canyons
Epic Wonders

Kani Cove
Sunken Treasures *Ocean

Seriepia Forest
Flag Shop
**Many of the Random Item Updates were for the Friendship Festival and were removed today. Screen-shots are not available either for them but I will list them anyway:
  • Pink Crystals - Friendship Party
  • Heart Chocolates - Jam Mart Furniture
  • Heart Antennae - Jam Mart Clothing
  • Princess Chair - Friendship Party
What do you think about the last two week's item updates? How about Rare Item Monday? Do you think it's good to resell the last rare items? I sure don't! Tell me your opinions in the comments - and Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


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