February 2012 - Monthly Member Gift

Hi jammers!
Today, on the first of February, Animal Jam has given out the February 2012 monthly members' gift!
This month's gift is the Giant Lion Plushie! All jammers who have a Club Membership should check their mail on Animal Jam, because Animal Jam sent this gift out to all members!



  1. Whoa! Can't wait to get on aj!

  2. hey u didnt see my comment so ill post again if thats k.

    this is off topic but do u use any editors 4 anything? like to edit photos or make cool bgs! i just wanna know bcuz i want to edit some of my aj photos but if you dont use any its k bcuz i already know about 1 called pizap bcuz my friend told me about it.

    but back on topic, ya thats cool and thanks 4 posting it i never knew how and no1 wold explane it

  3. AWESOME! Was wondering where the lion plush came from, I hadnt seen in Diamond Shop. Wish I was member

  4. I wish that they still had member gifts.

  5. i wish they still had member gifts D:

  6. I miss the MMG... I turned a member when they stopped giving them out.

  7. I heard you can get rare claw as monthly member but now its just diamonds...

  8. I have the White color of it! And it's rare.


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