Animal Jam Forgets About Rare Item Mondays

Hi jammers!
Jammers all over Jamaa are pretty puzzled right now. Animal Jam seems to have FORGOTTEN about Rare Item Mondays! It's Monday and there is no rare item released.. Odd, huh?
However, they did release an item. It's the Lionfish Armour and it can be found in Bahari Bargains.

What do you think of Animal Jam not releasing a rare item today?



  1. i dont like it i think there should be rare item mondays. its just not fair. they said they would do it but the haven't been

  2. so i got a message from headquartes saying "phantoms" stole it.. so ive been checking all the atalogs and I FOUND FOXHATS!!!!!

  3. How could animal jam be so forgetful

  4. good job i wasnt on at that day DX i looked through the rare item monday things and i found rare headdress :O


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