Monday Rare Released: Fox Hats

Hi jammers!
I just logged back into Animal Jam and saw that Fox Hats were now in Jam Mart Clothing!
So is this the Monday rare today? I really don't think I've seen it before recently, so it must be the Monday Rare! So do you think it will disappear tonight or tomorrow? 

Let me know what you think of this item returning! Also, why do you think it took them so long to release it? It's usually released at around midnight (EST).

Note: We're the first blog to post this. If you found out that this item was released by looking at this blog, give credit please. ;)


  1. @Slidoo
    Only the Members got the 2,500 gems and Jam-a-Gram. It was an apology for being late to post the Rare Item Monday item. That's what I think happened- all the nonmembers I know, (including me) didn't get the Jam-a-Gram, and all the members I know did.
    ~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

    1. It took so long becuase it is super rare now hope this helps:)

    2. I have 2 rate fox hats, a rare headdress, rare bow and soooooo much more! Plz buddy me im Julzie991

    3. rare not rate lolz

    4. How did uu get are headress whats it worth? can u trade me!!!

    5. That's so sad. AJ isn't fair with nms!

    6. @Voxel Punch
      I just traded my Green and White one for a Long Yellow Collar! :DDD

  2. can you please release the fox hat this year again i am struggling to get one and somebody scammed mine

    1. U know they were relased last year (2013) Arounnd april or something for like 1250 gems or around that :P

  3. can i get a fox hat ????? :)

  4. plz don't take my stuff :(

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  9. I have all fox hats but I did not buy it.

  10. wow they is store i had to earn mine in adventures they hard to get i have three a blue,pink,and tan

    1. me 2 I got red my first fox hat I'm freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bestswim14

  11. they dont have it anymore sorry

  12. BTW that fox hat is beta in the pic XD I have an eye for betas!!!

  13. The fox hats only costed 150 gems?
    It costed 2,750 the second time it came out!

  14. Did that fox hat only come in one piece color? I think you could color it... ?.?


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