Penguins are Here! Animated Pictures Included

Hi jammers!
Today Animal Jam has released lots of updates, including the new animal, penguins!
Penguins can go both on land and in water. Unfortunately, these animals are also for members only... Take a look at these animated images of their movements:

Underwater - Swirl:
Land - Sleep:
Land - Dance:
Land - Play:
Land - Hop:
Underwater - Dive:
Underwater - Dance:
Underwater - Play: Coming soon
So, are you happy that penguins have arrived in Jamaa? My favourite action is the play on land, it's so cute and funny! Let me know what you hope the next animal will be!



  1. Hey How do you make those animated picture things like what program do you use if you use a program...

  2. You know what I find stupid? They made it to where if you recycle an animal you have to pay another 1000 gems to make a new one in that same slot. Big mistake in my opinion.

  3. I wish penguins were cuter. You know, like really big eyes or something. To be honest, I think the new penguin model is a little bit ugly which makes it hard to get girls to buy it.

  4. can you make non member eagles come to animal jam

  5. Replies
    1. There should be more underwater and above water animals make the turtle be above also!

    2. They are very very cute I bought one I had two!


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