Grand Opening of Virtual World Central

Hi jammers!
Today I opened up my latest project: Virtual World Central! Virtual World Central is a blog that posts cheats for any virtual world, in the entire world! At Virtual World Central, we will soon have a team of authors devoted to posting Animal Jam, but not only will there be only Animal Jam posts, other virtual worlds' cheats will be posted as well.
If you're a blogger for Animal Jam or another virtual world, make sure fill out an author application for this new blog!
Click here to visit Virtual World Central.


1 comment:

  1. Slidoo-
    Yes, that actually is my email. a friend made it and gave it to me. the second was probably because I hit the send/submit button twice.. im so sorry if i caused you trouble! PS- i misspelled my email... in the second "rainbows" i put raUnbows... I am very sorry!



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