New Game Guide - Phantom Invasion

Hi jammers!
There's a new game on Animal Jam - Phantom Invasion! It's located in the new Sol Arcade.
To play this game, you need to pay ten gems. You'll see a spaceship with a phantom in it fly into the game. It has three lights on it: one red, one blue, and one purple. You'll need to fire the correct colour laser at the ship when the right coloured light it lit up!
The prize isn't gems, the prize is a special animal toy!
The game is pure luck in my opinion, and a bit of a scam... I think it would be better if the game costed 5 gems, instead of 10. However, the prizes can be recycled for 45 gems, so you can earn a few gems if you win prizes in your first few tries! Here is a video tutorial of the game:

Let me know what you think of Phantom Invasion!



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