Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi jammers!
It's Valentine's Day today, or, on Animal Jam, friendship day! I'm sure you've noticed the decorations all over Jamaa. To celebrate this special day, Animal Jam has released a brand new code! The code is BFF4EVER.
Just enter the code when you log in to Animal Jam and you'll get... 100 Gems! Only 100? Yup.. I guess Animal Jam is making their codes less valuable lately. The past 2 codes have been worth only 100 gems! Why do you think this is? Also, it's been a while since the Friendship Jam-A-Gram contest began, why hasn't the winner been announced yet? If they wait until Thursday, it won't be relevant anymore, since today is the day!

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Does this only work on the month of February?

  2. NO once a code is used it can never be used again ever for scamming safety i am telling everyone. Friend BabyButter on animal jam!


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