Random Item Update & Rare Item 13/02/2012

Hi jammers!
Today there are a few new items, including today's rare item, since it's Rare Item Monday! Have a look at the items that were released today:
  • Rare Item: Le Medusa Maskeh - Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township)
  • Dominican Republic Flag - Flag Shop (Sarepia Forest)
  • Heart Antennae - Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township) 
Remember to pick up your Medusa Masks before today runs out! These items may not be back for a while. Also, remember that they are on a random page of clothing, not the first page! Enjoy!



  1. Wtf? why is there a hunger games link on animal jam community???? stay relevent dude :-/

  2. Today is a Crater With Meteorite which is sold in Epic Wonders. That is the real name.

  3. omg yes there oiut in epic wonders! so many peeps have em btw i am Lambie845 add me!i love buddies omg lol

  4. It is Lambie845 again hey ! i love how they came out with penguins they r sooooo cute!

  5. hey, about the hunger games,
    I LOVED THE LINK!!!!!!1

  6. I wish you had snapshots of the items.... :T

  7. beta items and worlds were so much better than now! >:(((((


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