What Animal Jam Has Become, And 'We Are The Bloggers' Chapter 4!

Me: *Logs onto Animal Jam* Graciepopstar91... *Enters secret password* "Avoid scammers! Use the trade system!" *Is now online*

*Goes to den* *checks buddy list*

*Doesn't know what to do*

You guys: Gracie? Why on earth are you telling us what you're doing online right now?
Me: Because I can 😊
You guys: Uhm.. Can't you just get to the post?
Me: Nupe *writes blog post*


You guys: Uh, very cool..
You guys: Gracie! Log off Animal Jam and get on with your post!
Me: :C NO.
You guys: Well folks, Gracie does not what to do her blog post it seems. So today we are taking over and today's post is going to be about-


Heh, well, that got interesting..

Anywho, yesterday, I was deciding what I was going to post about, and I was torn between four subjects, actually.

I named of the subjects that I could post about to my Mom, and we both thought this subject would be interesting for this weeks post.

What we decided on, is the topic entitled, 'What Animal Jam Has Become'.

What I mean by 'What Animal Jam Has Become', is this, 

Lately, Animal Jam has turned into a well, different game. Animal Jam has seemed to turn into these three things,



And sadly, scamming.

And also, it seems like some Jammer's seem to have 'online love', I stay out of that completely, and I absolutely HATE it when people do that. It's horrible, and I can say almost for certainty, must parent's are not going to like that, plus it's not safe, what-so-ever. What if there's a 7 year old girl, and a 20 year old man? You never know whose behind the screen, so I advise everyone, to not even be around that. And if you see someone doing that, report, and leave that land.

These examples, are what Animal Jam has seemed to turn into.

You might be asking yourself, "Well then, what's the point of Animal Jam? Why was it made?".

Well, why I think it was made, was for education.

The makers of Animal Jam, are WildWorks, but they are also made by National Geographic Kids.

National Geographic, is a website and magazine, that tells about new animal discoveries, new planet discoveries, etc. 

All of that, is education, right? Well, I believe if National Geographic is centered around education and such, that is what Animal Jam is about as well.

That's why we have the Journey Book, and also the animal Mini-books. Using the Journey Book and Mini-books, you can learn about animals, including animal's that aren't even on Animal Jam.

I also think Animal Jam was made, for Jammer's to make new friends, from across the globe. 

And of course, Jamaa is really a storybook in itself, with the 'history' of Jamaa, so I do think it might have also been created, to get Jammer's excited for an adventure.

In the end, I think Jammer's have made Animal Jam into a game, filled with drama, and stress. Never what it was intended for. It wasn't made for scamming, item worth, or really, being all wound up in the YouTubing sensation, and making famous Jammer's their 'idol's'. Not what AJHQ intended, and not what God intended for His children. The only 'idol' we should have, is God. And God doesn't like seeing us stressed, and being caught up in drama.

Especially the whole 'online love' thing, is probably drama-filled, and absolutely absurd. Why do kid's even do it?

So, as an end to this topic, I have a challenge for you all,

For at least one week, take a bit of a break from the drama, and trading, and just take some time with a buddy, playing mini-games, and bring them along to fill up you're Journey Book, and to study the various animals, Animal Jam put in the game, by using the Mini-books. 

And also, trying not to follow all the YouTuber's, and being caught up in that.

You up for the challenge? I know I am. I think we'll all find it to be much more peaceful, less stressful, and we may even find that this way at playing the game, might be the best way.

Comment down below, if you're going to do this challenge, and next week, tell me what it was like, and how it improved your game-play!


And now, for the weekly chapter, of 'We Are The Bloggers - Fame Sequel'! 


Chapter 4

"Well?" Fan-man said as he tapped his foot on the floor. "What are we gonna do?" Sarah asked under her breath. I bit my lip nervously, as I kept my gaze focused on Cheetah and Fan-man. "I can't just give up The Animal Jam Friendship Community. Me and these girls poured so much effort into it.. But what will happen if I don't tell Fan-man the name of our blog?" I thought to myself, feeling completely helpless. The answer of 'What will happen if I don't tell Fan-man the name of our blog', came sooner than I expected. "If you don't tell us in five minutes, we'll send all of you into a portal, that will bring you to a completely dark, empty land, and you will never be able to get back home." Fan-man threatened. My heart pounded, as I listened to him speak. "I think me and my friends need a minute to talk about this." Swirl spoke up. "Very well then." Cheetah said, as she glared at the five of us. We all stood to our feet, and walked out of hearing distance for Cheetah and Fan-man. Coolcat, Swirl, Sarah, and Ja, managed to slip out of the ties that bound their hands, as we talked. "We have to give up The Animal Jam Friendship Community," I said with hesitation, as I sighed deeply. "We have to get home, our parents will be worried sick." I added. All the girls, except Ja nodded. "We can't give up this easily." Ja said, as she looked at us, her green eyes twinkling with excitement. "What do you mean? This is our only choice." I reminded her, with sadness in my voice. "But what if it didn't have to be." Ja said with a grin. Coolcat gave her a puzzled look. "If Cheetah and Fan-man are doing this to us, their gonna do this to other Animal Jam blogger's too. The Lord must have brought us into this for a reason, and He's gonna get us out of this, right?" Ja said, her smile getting bigger. "Right," Coolcat said, as we all listened intently to Ja. "We have to fight this. Fight this with God's help." Ja finished, as she looked at us, waiting for our response. "But how would we fight this?" Sarah asked her older sister, hanging on her every word. "What if, we find a way to reactivate all these portals, and shut down their computers? The portals must lead to our houses, and the computers are probably used for hacking." Ja decided. "It's worth a shot." I said with a shrug. The five of us all walked back to where Cheetah and Fan-man stood, and at that moment, the purple portal flashed, and two girls walked out of it. "It's Custard and Arctic!" Coolcat exclaimed, recognizing the two girls from meeting up with them at JamCon the year before. "They can help us." I said in a whisper, with excitement. The two girls looked terrified, as they entered this strange land. They quickly saw us, and ran up to us nervously. "What is this place?" Arctic asked in alarm, as she surveyed the land. "I don't know exactly, but what I do know, is that these two people are going to try and delete our blog.." I said nervously, as I tilted my head quickly, toward Cheetah and Fan-man. Custard gasped. "But we're going to defeat them." Sarah said, with a wink, as she looked at Ja. Ja nodded. I was nervous about the whole defeating Cheetah and Fan-man business, and I really didn't want to start a 'fight'. I would have to just pray, for the Lord to show me what we need to do. "If we could just find a way to get rid of Fan-man's hacking device.." I thought to myself. "Let's do this." Swirl said with a slight nod. I then, silently prayed. "Lord, give me wisdom to know what to do, to save our blog, and get home safely. Amen."


What do you think will happen next? Be sure to comment down below!

Now, heres this weeks Bible verse!

1 Peter 5:10

In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

P.S. I am looking for a Cami's Frog, so I can do a special post/giveaway, if anyone is willing to donate one for AJC, I would be very grateful ^.^


  1. I have never ever gotten why there is AJ Romance, like seriously, as you said, you have no idea who is behind the screen!

    When I first joined AJ, I played minigames and adventures, when people actually did those things for the fun of it, not just to get gems or rares, (like everybody does now)
    But I didn't have any AJ friends, which I didn't really care, AJ was super fun (It still is) oh and also I thought that anybody who put like patterns and a color that isn't natural on their animal is weird o.o
    I will do the challenge :D Thats kinda what I do on AJ because it really isn't very fun anymore, you and all my other friends keep me going on AJ :)



    Omigosh I figured out how to get rid of his device! ASK FOR WATER, AND DUMP IT ON THE DEVICE :D Kool-aid would work to....


  3. I Really find the online dating thing horrible, And well, dumb. And I really don't like crushes and girlfriend/boyfriend things in general. (no offense)
    And also I really am sick of Animal Jam being all over youtubers. It normally drives me nuts. AJHQ just keeps on bragging about there youtubers and stuff, And giving them special advantages, and just giving them special treats and gifts, getting featured constantly, And well you know.
    I also used to be a non-stop trading person, But I don't really anymore unless i'm trading some extra masterpieces or trying to get a simple items that not in stores for a outfit, Other then that, Nope. And scamming is just wrong, And one thing i can't stand is people selling items on ebay! I just can't take it when people do that and i often email AJHQ about them, And lately I've been seeing non-stop AJ items on ebay.. It's awful. :( I've kinda already been away from all this so doing the challenge would be easy if I wanted to, Although watching stuff in the pillow room tends to entertain me, And I'ts been so full lately! I been so confused why it is all the sudden. :P

    OH yeah, That chapter is great i'm so excited for the next! I just really like the stories you write there amazing!

    1. Yes, I understand that viewpoint about YouTubing Jammers. It's a view shared by many.

      I personally struggle with quite a bit of jealousy whenever I see a Jammer's video featured on the Daily Explorer, or invited to represent Animal Jam. But then I remember that they truly work for this.

      I may not approve of everything done by AJ YouTubers, but I respect their commitment to their craft. Many put out videos every two or three days, which is a difficult thing to do. Despite what it looks like, YouTubing is actually quite the expanding field for professionals, and requires dedication, energy, and careful study in order to "make it big".

      Whenever we see famous Jammers rewarded for their hard work, we can choose one of three things. One, we could simply be indifferent. (A nice choice, though not the one I made. :P) We could choose to sink into jealousy, and the sense of an unfair distribution of favor. (That choice won't make us very happy. :L Believe me, I know.) Or, we could choose to be motivated. If they can do it, we can, too. :D The idea behind Jamaa is to have a safe place to explore. Why not explore our potential?

      I'm currently studying at the YouTube Creator's Hub, the official site for all kinds of YT education. My first video will be created soon. :D (I'm so excited!! Though I'm a bit weirded-out by the topic.... *shrug* Eh. Ya gotta take your family's suggestions.)

      You can do that, too, Talloose! :D I would absolutely LOAF to see a video made by you. Y'know what else...? I think HQ would, too. ;)

      *finishes article-length comment she wrote when she was supposed to be writing a blog post*


    2. Ehh, I'm not really into making videos though, Nor youtube so I probably wont, But who knows, Maybe someday :) I actually never thought about making videos but maybe in the future. :3 Maybe.

      I never really get jealous, I just feel like there are so many other people who shine just as bright and never get noticed, But I totally agree, You have words of wisdom :D Like a parakeet, you will fly to victory!

  4. I can't wait till I'm in it! Woo! Good chapter, Gracie!


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