Taking 'Mom-Popstar' On Animal Jam On Mother's Day, Cami's Frog Giveaway Winner, And 'We Are The Bloggers' Chapter 6!

Me: nies Hi X'qed goin fuq l ġamm tiegħi ?!
You guys: Alright, Gracie. You've done a lot of strange languages in posts, but this by far is the weirdest. WHAT LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING EVEN?
Me: Malti!
You guys: Malti? WHAT ON EARTH IS MALTI?!
Me: Issa issa, ma jsibux kollha mqalleb. Jien jitkellem Malti.
Me: Nru Jien ma!
You guys: Forget it! Just forget it! WE WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND YOU.
You guys: *walks away*
Me: *groans loudly* I was speaking Maltese!
You guys: *stops walking suddenly* Maltese? YOU WERE SPEAKING ABOUT A DOG?
Me: No.. Maltese is a language..
You guys:
You guys: 🐶
Me: *facepalm*


That was very long..

It's true, Maltese is a language- and a dog..

Well, anyways, let's get on with this week's Tuesday post!


Today's post, is about me taking my Mom, 'Mom-Popstar' (a little nickname I believe Gfox made up), on Animal Jam, for Mother's Day.

We had um- quite an experience.

First, all was calm, and we were going to go and play Phantom Ball at the Summer Carnival. Until we ran into this person..

My Mom asked them why, and they explained that,

The phantoms are being sad..? Alrighty then.

Well yes but-

I tried to step in, and say "But they are Jamaa's enemies XDD" But I think they slightly ignored me..

Then my Mom jumped in with a funny little remark,

"Im going to dunk them now lol"
I don't think this person would agree with this..

I think they mean't 'hatred'

Then me and my Mom gave up, and decided to play Phantom Ball, as we planned to.
When we got out of the game, I saw the person say this,

But you just-


Oops 😳...


Me and my Mom played a few games, looked at the prizes, and such, but I realized that my Mom was constantly 'loosing' me. So I decided to turn into my sheep avatar and run away from her, just as a joke. But then I believe my Mom was laughing in real life, and I looked at the chat, and realized she had said "Did you know Gracie pop star 91 is a famous jammer". 
You see, my parents are constantly getting Animal Jam fame messed up. When I get a buddy request on Animal Jam, my Dad will say something like, "That's because you're a famous jammer." Then I have to tell him, "Aparri is famous, I'm not famous." But, he doesn't seem to understand.. 
So I decided to tease around, and act like my Mom was super famous..

I had chased my Mom, hehe!

My brother works at a news station, and earlier that day, a picture of him and my Mom made it on the news for Mother's Day, so it's true.
She was on the news.


Hehe.. One of my Mom's fans..
Mistake #1: My Mom buddied one of her fans.

Someone getting a bit too excited over Littlecooljammer..

Just some screaming. :)

They're still very excited..

Nooo they might be catching on!

I then broke the news that she is my Mom.. Hehe!

I explained that we were playing around, but she was truly on the news.

Ok, maybe that wolf is still a bit too excited.. 

It seemed like my Mom's 'fan' was having a ball watching us.. 


I think this was the 'fan' my Mom buddied..

Mistake #2: My Mom had her buddy requests on..

Most Famous Jammer's don't...


My Mom likes the game 'Temple of Trivia', so we decided to play that after we played all the games at the Summer Carnival. My Mom noticed that a rather creepy, Arctic Wolf had won 'Temple of Trivia', she told me in real life,

"That person is ugly."

I yelled back,
"That sounded so wrong!"

Ah, playing Animal Jam with my Mom. It never seems to get old.

Comment call: Have you ever played Animal Jam with your Mom? What happened?


And now, it's time to announce the winner of the Cami's Frog giveaway!

The winner is...


Congratulations, Sarah! Please check your JAG's for your Cami's Frog!

I hope you enjoy your prize!

And here is her winning comment,

It's sad that her Dad has cancer, but a miracle that it's not the kind he can die from. I hope this Cami's Frog gives you hope for your Dad, and reminds you of Cami's incredible journey.

Congratulations, Sarah!


And now, for the weekly chapter of 'We Are The Bloggers'! 


Chapter 6

I felt dizzy, and it seemed like my whole world was falling apart. I may never get back into 2017, and I may forever be stuck with having fame over friends, all over again. I sighed, as I continued to stare at the three Famous Jammers. "Gracie, somethings wrong. Do you need to go back to the hotel to rest?" Bepper asked in a worried tone. "No I just uh- I'll be fine." I stammered, not sure what to say. "Alright, well, I think it's time we get back to our table and sign some more auto's." Bepper said, with a slightly nervous smile. I cringed. "Do we have to?" I asked, still quite disoriented from all that was going on. "Yeah, that's why were at JamCon.." Bepper explained, as the two of us broke off, and starting walking across the grass to where the table was. I sighed deeply. When we got to the table, I stared at it. "I can't do this, Bepper." I told the girl, my heart pounding with anxiety. "We've been doing this all afternoon I don't see-" She started to say, but I interrupted her abruptly. "Bepper, I can't!" I said, in an almost screaming voice, as I ran as fast as I could. "I wish there was never such thing as Blogger Portal Land." I mumbled to myself, as tears streamed down my eyes. I just wanted to get back to my own city. "I guess I'm just not adventurous." I thought to myself, as I continued to run out of the park. I zoomed down Park Street and Beacon Street. I wasn't sure where I was going, I just knew I had to get as far away from JamCon as I could. I found another park nearby, and I quickly stopped there, and leaned against a tree to catch my breath. I looked up towards the sky, and saw rain was pouring down. "Lord.. I know you're with me. I know you're doing this for a reason. But please, show me why. Show me how to get home.." I prayed, in a sad voice. The park seemed empty, and there was no one in sight. "I don't even know where I can go find help. But who would believe me that a hacker chased be through a land through of portals, and I landed in the future." I complained, still staring at the sky. I then, decided I couldn't just stay in one place, and I would have to search for a way back home, though it seemed impossible. I made my way to a lake, and cars zooming by on the freeway could be heard in the distance. The crystal clear blue lake glimmered as the rain sprinkled on it. I looked down at the grass for a moment, and gasped as I saw an old pocket watch on a rusted out golden chain, lying there on the ground, with a note attached to it. The paper was soggy, but still readable. I carefully picked up the watch and the note, and read it to myself aloud. "'Follow the direction of the hour hand, which is pointed to the right, there you will find the real prize. From, anonymous.'" The rhyme fascinated me, and I wondered who put it there. I looked to the right, in the direction the hour hand was pointing, and saw an old skyscraper, that looked run-down. "Why would it be pointing there? Is this just a trick or something?" I asked myself. I decided to head there anyways. I had no where left to turn, and nothing to loose. Why not take a chance?


What does the skyscraper have to do with anything? Be sure to comment down below what you think!


Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Psalm 31:14

But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, "You are my God!"

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

P.S. I'm looking for donations for my mail-time videos, Friendship Mail! Click here to learn how to donate.


  1. Your mom was on the news? Cooool! :D
    Hehe, if I played with my mom it would be... interesting... XDDD My dad is into computers, my mom isn't. XD
    Omg sometime if Ja is on and trying to get likes on her masterpieces I will run up to her and say she's famous and see what other ppl do! :ooo
    Omg no, why am I saying it here, SHE READS THIS BLOG *facepalms*

    YAYY! TYSM GRACIEEEEE! :D :D :D *hugs so tight your eyeballz pop out*
    Omg, that is strange, I'll never say that again I promise XDDD

    I'm working on a masterpiece to donate for friendship mail XD

    There are some awesome new codes AJHQ gave us!!getready2jam = Reader's Sofa
    aj4ever = Reader's Chair
    paws4friends = Reader's Lamp
    jamaafun2day = 750 Gems
    NGKAJ17 = 500 Gems

    1. Haha! Congrats!

    2. Omigosh, XDDD I wonder how Ja would react, hehe!

      You're so welcome C: Hope you enjoy le' Froggy XD!

      Thank you! XDD

      Oo yes me and a few buddies figured those out!
      Frozen: From a code
      Frozen: *says the code*

      The next day..

      Frozen: *I don't remember what she said but she gave me le' code*
      Me: THANK YOU

      *sees custard and house*
      We wonder how to get the readers lamp
      *we figure it out*

      Oh if only we had known all at once XDD

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. haha i have played AJ with my mom. she did pretty well but she was mad evrything was "locked" XD congrats sarah! and ty for the codes XD

    1. Hehe! Yeah, my Mom didn't like that either XD Yesterday I was telling her how I got so excited when pineapple hats came in Summer Carnival, she was like "They're members only, huh." Or something like that XDD

      Remember, God made YOU!



    It... uh... sounded better in my head...

    1. Ooh! My mom's totally played AJ before! A few times, actually! She went around saying obvious statements like "Water is wet" and acting silly and stuff. She also kept talking about skunks, and, oddly enough, found another skunk fan... XD!

      Memorable Mom Quote (MMQ)- "Recycling is good. I am not good."

      I kid you not, she said that, XD! And then another person came up and said "Don't say that!"
      Wow. If I said that, no one would care... XD!

      Actually, my mom made her first account because I wanted to act like she was a hacker to trick my friend. It, uh, didn't really work... but I tried!
      She has another account now, one with a very random username that my sister and I helped her come up with. XD!

    2. SARAH LARA CARA BEARA. Why does saying that in my head remind me of when on I Love Lucy, Lucy kept repeating 'saxophonophonopeboist'
      It was something weird like that XDD

      Oh my goodness, "Water is wet" XDD!

      My 'MMQ' was when she said, "I'm going to dunk them lol"
      Referring to the phantoms, to the person who likes phantoms but um- I guess they were joking.. Oops o.o

      Hehe! My Moms username is Littlecooljammer, and like every single animal except her pig is named, 'Little Cooljammer' Hehe!


      Adios bold banana XD

      Remember, God made YOU!


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