Fame - What Does It Truly Mean? And 'We Are The Bloggers' Chapter 7!


You guys: Gracie? Is that you..?

You guys: Oh I get it! You guys are like fruit superheroes, fighting for healthiness!
Me: NO.
And raspberries.
You guys: Then why isn't your sidekick a raspberry..
Me: I don't know. Ask Banana that.

You guys: Oh.

You guys: Senpai..?
Me: Never mind..
You guys: Okay.. Well, anyways, your doing a late post again.
You guys: e3e


Heh, well, that got weird fast..

Any who, let's get started with today's post! 

Today's post is about, the definition of fame, and how some of the word origins plays into some of the 'famous Jammers' on Animal Jam. 

One day, out of curiosity, I decided to search the word 'fame', on dictionary.com, just to see what it really, truly means. 

What I found, may surprise you.

The word origins/history, are the following.

"The goddess Fama was the personification of rumor in Roman mythology. The Latin derivative fabulare was the colloquial word for "speak, talk" since the time of Plautus, whence Spanish hablar."

Slightly confusing, but the point is, Fama was a goddess, and really, she was like a personified rumor. And of course, fame is sometimes made up of rumors about other people. I believe the word fame may have been derived from Fama, since they are very similar. 

I looked at thesaurus of fame, and strangely enough, one of the synonyms was the word, glory.

Of course, we technically glorify famous people, but let's break this down a bit, and look at the synonyms of glory, as well.

One of the synonyms was, majesty?

That's right.

God is known as majesty, we call him that. The Lord is the God above all gods, (and real, unlike other gods people may worship) so therefore, other gods may be called 'majesty'.

If gods are peoples 'majesty', then this all points back to the goddess Fama, and fame may be derived from the word Fama. 

So, could the word fame be broken down to the word god? 

It certainly seems like we are technically worshipping some famous people, and even famous Jammer's. Such as, Spinnyboi's. They seem to be 'meditating' on Julian2, like he is a god himself. 

And of course, we call these Jammer's our 'idols', and idol kinda points to god, which still goes back to the Fama/fame origins. 

Lately, it seems that Jamaa has been super wrapped up with the famous Jammers, and have been seeming to create drama. Such as, with the Julian2 banning, Skorm banning, etc. 

Really, all of these Jammer's are normal people like you and me, and should not be created into a 'god'. If they broke the Animal Jam rules, then they must be banned. Both of them did break the rules, so there must be consequences. 

There is really only one true god, and that is the God above all other gods, Jesus Christ. He's more powerful than anything, anyone, and certainly any famous Jammer. We should always turn to him, rather than any Jammer on Animal Jam.

So, what do you think? Are we looking at the famous Jammer's too much as gods? I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section down below! 


And now, for the weekly chapter of 'We Are The Bloggers'! 


Chapter 7

As I walked down the streets of Boston, my mind was racing. So many things were going through my mind, like what if where I'm going is a trap, or what if my friends are there. I shook my head, trying to focus on something else. "Hey you!" A girl said in a happy voice. I looked around, and found Snowyclaw sitting on a nearby bench. I gulped, not wanting to see any of the Famous Jammer's. "Hi." I said, not making eye-contact with Snowy. "Why did you run off today at JamCon?" She asked me with a nervous voice. I stood there for a moment, not sure what to say. "I just had to go. That's all." I said, as I bit my lip. "But why? Did you tell Kate you were going somewhere?" Snowy asked with concern. "No. This is not something I want to discuss." I said, as I began to walk again. Snowy ran to me, and grabbed my arm. "Gracie, what do you mean?" Snowy asked. My heart was pounding with anxiety. I did not want to tell her I was following some watches direction, and was trying to find the Blogger Portal in the meantime. "I told you, this isn't something I want to discuss." I told her in a slightly rude tone. Snowyclaw frowned. "Alright, but Kate isn't going to be happy." She said, letting go of her grip on my arm. I sighed. "I'm sorry, Snowy. It's just- it's complicated. It's just this little adventure I'm going on." I explained, trying not to reveal any information about trying to find the Blogger Portal. "Adventure? Gracie, I think I should take you back to the hotel. This doesn't seem safe." Snowy said in her concerned, sweet voice. I began running, and I turned my head to look at her. "I'll be fine. See you." I yelled with a smile. I wasn't going to let her interfere with my plans on getting to the skyscraper. I just had to find out what this was all about.
Arctic, Custard, Sarah, Ja, Coolcat, and now Swirlshine, Lost, and Gfox, were all in a large square cage, staring face-to-face with Fan-man and Cheetah. "What are we going to do?" Coolcat whispered in Arctic's ear. She shrugged. "I just hope Gracie will be able to come back here soon, but yet, I don't know if she will be able to, with it being a time-traveling portal, that Cheetah told us about." Custard whispered back. "Well, it's been a few hours now. I do believe you have made your decision, and your not going to give us the name of your blog. So, we only have one choice." Fan-man said with a smirk. "No.." Swirl said in a hoarse whisper. "Please unlock the cage, Cheetah." Fan-man commanded. Cheetah nodded with a grin. The eight girls carefully stepped out of the cage, as Cheetah unlocked it. The girls held hands, and took a deep breath, as Cheetah pushed them into the dark purple, glowing portal. Everything was black, with absolutely nothing. It took all the girls strength to even speak. "It's like-" Swirl began, as she took a moment to gasp for breath. "It's like Jamaasian Middle. Absolutely nothing in between portals.." She finished, closing her eyes as she spoke. "In between portals.." Coolcat mumbled to herself. "Swirl, do you think theres two portals, that lead to this same place?" Coolcat asked the girl. Swirl nodded. "Probably, but who knows who has that portal." She replied. "I guess we're stuck here then." Lost said with a sigh. "Whatever happens, we have each other. And that's all that matters." Sarah said with a smile. The seven other girls smiled back at her. 


What do you think will happen next? Will 'I', make it to this mysterious skyscraper? And how will the girls get home? Comment down below what you think!


Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Proverbs 11:2

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

A really great verse! I know sometimes I struggle with pride when it comes to blogging/other blogs, so this verse is really a great one for people who struggle with the same thing.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!


  1. I like watching Julian2, but I hate it when ppl treat him like a god :/ One thing I like about Gellyjones is she has never been involved in lots of drama XD


    1. Exactly! Gellyjones and Snowyclaw NEVER get involved in drama.

  2. This is really an amazing post, we are equal and we should treat others equally too. Once again, amazing post Gracie!

  3. May I please point out that Julian2 was suspended for two weeks, Skorm was banned for life. It's extremely important to differentiate those terms for the sake of communication. (Case in point; when that whole J2-suspension mess started, months ago, I got really scared/shocked when I heard he was "banned", from a freaked-out Spinnyboi -- who happened to be part of a large riot in AJHQ's den. o.O)



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