Sick, again!

Greetings Jammers - Arctic here!

Now you may be wondering - actually wait, no. You wouldn't be wondering because the title is pretty self explanatory. Yes friends, I am sick - once again.

I'm writing this at night time, and will be posting it today (meaning at night time). When I get up (which will be later than usual since I need to sleep to get better) I will likely update the post to feature the daily item and such. I'm very sorry about this!


Hey Jammers, as promised I'll be doing a small update on what the items for today are. In Jam Mart Furniture, we have a returning item: The Hay Bale. Perfect for the Old Barn Den (which has just returned with the horses!), this item is only 200 gems. Unfortunately, it's also for members. Other than that, it's a pretty great item!

Next, we have some new items in the Underwater Diamond shops! Behold:

The first one is from the Underwater Den Diamond Shop, and the Second is from the Underwater Clothing Diamond shop. I really like that AJHQ is paying more attention to the oceans now! I haven't seen so many people underwater since that underwater tiger glitch came out!

I'm sorry about how short this post is folks. I'll be making regular posts again soon!

Feel free to contact me at !


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