Trough and My Favorite Masterpieces I Own

May 6th, 2017- seems like another normal day, right? No. It's one of the special days that I return to post for the AJ Community!
Earlier today, I decided that DE (Daily Explorer) updates would no longer be included in my posts. Honestly, in my opinion, I believe they're kind of pointless. I don't know what will replace it, but I'll think of something soon.
Anyways, let's begin looking at the updates today! Here is the new item.
Since there's no Daily Explorer updates anymore, we'll get right to the next part of the post.  have several masterpieces in my inventory, but three of them are the best. Here are my three favorite masterpieces I own.

I like all of them a lot! Two of them are based on my main look. too.
So yeah, that's the end of this post. It was shorter without a DE Update, but hopefully, by next weekend, I'll have something to replace them! Now, until my next post, this is goodbye.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Penguin! Great post!

    I really like those masterpieces O3O

    - Arctic


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