Hello AJC!! Vidcon 2017, Jamaa Journal Vol.199 And a comic

Me: *sings with headphones on* If he can hold the world he can hold this momment (la la la la)
You guys: Erm Sarah??
Me: Not a field nor flower escapes his noticee ohhhhh even the sparrow knooowsss he holds tomorrow
You guys: SARAH!
Me: La la la! (Even the sparrow knows!) la la he holds tomorrow..
Me: Oh I'm new author
You guys: Oh ok, are you always singing?
You guys: *facepalms*

Hi guys! As you can tell from the intro, and the fact that I'm writing here, I'm an author now :D 

If you see me around Jamaa I will usually be one of these animals
In less of course I'm doing something silly XD or something like that... 
Mainly my fox, and I'm only my bunny when I'm nm ;)  
My favorite color is yellow, I have 2 cats named Fire and Smokey, Ja983 is my sister, I love to write and read, 
I am a Christian, I hate swearing, I love to draw, (but I'm not good it XD) I love cheesecake, 7-up, ice water, and lemon water. (And the amazing chicken pasta salad that my mom makes, ITS SO GOOD!)  and I love the outdoors, and I'm not a girly girl, I have 12 siblings, nine brothers and three sisters, two of my sisters are younger then me, and I have seven older brothers, which means I have 3 younger brothers. XD, I hope not be boring in my post, in fact, the opposite! I'll be posting on Thursdays, and be talking about all sorts of things! 

And now for the MAIN part of this post :D 
https://dailyexplorer.animaljam.com/en/posts/animal-jam-at-vidcon#comments tells us about vid con! A place for popular youtubers! I think Aparri. Wisteria, Gelly, Bepper, Sethyy e.t.c are going!

Even though I know I wont be able to go, I looked up the tickets, and boy, they are expensive O.O 

A REASON WHY I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GO! XD  Waaay to expensive, I most likely will never be able to go *cries* 

As some of you may or may not know, the update is here! And I realized something.. There is no longer the volume number, which is why I'm keeping track, we can't loose this history! WHY DID AJHQ CHANGE THE JAMAA JOURNALL *rants about it for 1000 hours* 
Here is le first page. (This is Jamaa Journal Vol. 199)


Coyote's are here! LOOK AT THAT CUTE LIL PICTURE! *squeals* I made some art for AJHQ last update when they revealed how they will look *checks if AJHQ put it in their den*
Darn, I hope it didn't get lost in their JAGs O.O
Here is what the art looked like:
One for AJHQ, one normal one XD

  Now for 'page' 2, though you cant really call it a page 😔

Ooooo! The items you can buy are the following:

Super cool, right? My favorite is the bandana, jail, wagon, and just all the armor XD Oh yeah! Here are the coyote's actions

THE DANCE IS SUPER FUNNY XDDD If I knew how to make GIF's I would, but uhm, I don't XD

Next page! 

You can make sharks very scary... It seems AJHQ is trying to make underwater great again! 
Sadly, I don't have enough diamonds to buy one, because I brought all the armor set, and a coyote, plus sense the western stuff is going to be here for a little bit I want to buy some of that, (THE ITEMS ARE AWEOMSEEEE) But I did make a scary one (Couldn't buy it though)

I should be concerned...

Next pageeeeeee

GRAHAM'S WORKSHOP! NOW I CAN BUY EVERYTHING BECAUSE I'M A MEMBER!!! *throws a giant party* I have gotten membership like 4 times, and never ever been able to do this as a member lol And its the same items as last time (as far as I know.) 

All the material is saved! I can finally buy that golden elf tail that I have wanted for a looooooooooong time 

Oh. I need 24 more gold. *cries* CANT I USE MY 25 GEMSTONES?!?! *sobs*

RIP Lions 2017, maybe they're afraid of the dolphins? Wait, their afraid of coyote's! THEORY CONFIRMEDDDDD And the rest is just advertisements

AJHQ's den is so pretty omg!  Here is the secret item!
It looks really cool in my opinion CX

And now, for a little comic I made with the coyote!  
Sorry its so messy o.o

Bye guys! Cya next Thursday!

1 Corinthians 2:1212 What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us.



  1. Replies
    1. Hehe, yep! I can't wait to see your post tomorrow! :D

    2. My post would be only like an introduction post, should I add something more?

    3. I think I will, lemme think up a topic <(-3-)>

  2. Excellent post Sarah! Love the comic!

    I actually read the tag wrong, and I thought it said "The Adventures of Sheriff Arctic" and I got really confused XDD

    - Arctic


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