Special Post - Cami Carver - A Leukemia Survivor, And 'We Are The Bloggers' Chapter 5!

You guys: *low whispers* What did she just say?
You guys: Please speak English, Gracie..
You guys: ...
You guys: GRACIE! Stttttopppp!
You guys: Oh forget it.. *walks away for the 100th time in an intro*
Me: *stops talking whale* What's up with you guy's leaving me in the middle of an intro?
You guys: *sigh*


Heh, as always, that got interesting...

Well, welcome back to another Tuesday post! Graciepopstar91 here.

Last week, at the bottom of my blog post, I said how I was looking for a Cami's Frog, so I could do a special post/giveaway.

Well, on Thursday, my buddy, Custard709, traded me a Cami's Frog for a giveaway! So huge thanks to her.

The giveaway is in honor of Cami, and this special blog post. This may be the hardest I've ever worked on a blog post, and I really hope you enjoy this article, featuring Cami Carver! This post is all about her, and her incredible journey, to 'Kiss Cancer Goodbye'.


About Cami:

Cami Carver, better well known as 'Wild Explorer Cami', got diagnosed with Leukemia (a type of bone marrow cancer) July 9th 2010, when she was just four years old. For about a year or so off medication, she was cancer free, but then, when she was eight, the Leukemia returned. Though her parents were heartbroken, and little Cami was scared, she knew that if she fought this cancer when she was four, she would be able to fight it again.

Her Mom, Chelsea Carver, wrote pretty much a diary, of what they were going through, and she put up pictures of her little girl Cami. Here's a bit of a blog post Chelsea wrote when she found out Cami got cancer for the second time,

I can't imagine what Cami was going through, just lying in that hospital bed, wondering if she has cancer again. So heartbreaking! They didn't get out of the hospital, until around 7 PM that night.

A picture of when Cami was getting testing, to find out if she had Leukemia again, which sadly, she did.

Even though this must have been so hard, Cami did so well during her first round of treatment.

This is a picture of her first round of treatment, and she was all smiles, as if it didn't even matter to her. I wish all of us could have that kind of bravery that Cami did.

Cami once even got featured on her local news channel, while she was in the hospital!

Click here to watch the interview
Cami: "Don't worry about me. Because if I defeated it when I was four, I can probably defeat it again if I'm older."

She was so brave, it's completely unbelievable. Though Leukemia is a deadly cancer, she seemed to have hope that she would get through it. Which, thankfully, she did. I don't believe many kids would have that kind of bravery/hope.

Cami wore bracelets that said,
"Cami - Strong"

'Cami - Strong' bracelets, were bracelets some people had, in support of Cami. When Cami got interviewed, you'll see that the news anchors got the bracelets as well.

This was a sweet picture of Chelsea, and Cami together, most likely while Cami was still in the hospital. She said that she wasn't sure if she was comforting Cami, or if Cami was comforting her. Chelsea loved her daughter so much, it must have been so hard to see her suffering. But Chelsea seemed to be proud of her girl, getting through the treatment, and everything.

Cami had her IV stand, all decorated up. She would have to roll around on it to get around the hospital. You can see Cami had a red/blonde streak in her hair, and she knew from last time when she got cancer, that the treatment would make her hair fall out. So her Mom got her life-time friend, Emily, that works at a salon, to do this for Cami!

I'm glad Cami was able to have this done, before her hair would fall out from the treatment.

This is her and her Dad, Pat Carver, who works at Wildworks (A.K.A. AJHQ)! Since he works at Wildworks, that's how we got the item, Cami's Frog.

Cami was so thrilled when her frog stuffed animal made his way on Animal Jam!

Cami's old username was nouse20, but she recently changed it, about 1-2 years ago, to Wildexplorercami. Some people say it was changed, so her fans would recognize her.

You can find Cami holding her real-life frog stuffed animal in most of these pictures. Her Froggy went everywhere with her. On trips, during treatment, while she was eating, and comforting her in times that Chelsea couldn't.

Cami loved sitting by the hospital window, watching the world go by. Sometimes she would cry, wishing she was out there. But once when she was in the hospital, she got a cancer patient named Gwyn's attention while she was looking out her window, and Gwyn looked out her window. They 'talked' to each other, by using dry-erase pens on their whiteboards, and showing them to each other through the windows.

So sweet!

Unfortunately, as expected, Cami's hair was falling out so much from the treatment, that her Dad, Pat, had to shave her hair. Froggy watched, giving her a thumbs up.

This was taken on Cami's 'Bone Marrow Transplant Birthday'. The exact type of Bone Marrow she needed, was about 1 in 9 million to find, but that one person, was a donor, named Joe. This transplant pretty much saved her life. Recently, Chelsea put a picture on her Instagram (which can be viewed on the side of the Kisses For Cami blog), of the tube that contacted the Bone Marrow, and put how that was taken three years ago. So, it seems that Cami has been cancer free, for maybe 2, almost 3, years now, I am guessing.

Someone at the hospital, decided that Froggy needed a transplant too- a stuffing transplant 😆.

Cami's other frog stuffed animal, Sam, needed a stuffing transplant as well..

It's sweet someone did this for Cami's beloved stuffed animals.

A sweet picture of the whole family, including Froggy.

At long last, Cami finally got to go home. Not fully well, but I'm sure she was happy to be back in her own home.

You can see on the computer screen, that her and her little brother, Caden, were playing Animal Jam. Looks like they were playing an adventure 😆.

It was super sad, Cami had to take so much medication. That must have been so tough at a young age. But, she did learn how to swallow 13 pills at a time. Crazy! That must not have been an easy task.

Chelsea says that sometimes snuggling in bed, was the only thing that would make Cami feel better.

At home, Cami would push her IV's around in her doll stroller at home, and pretend to hook up an IV to her doll.


It was such a long road. I'm not sure exactly when Cami became cancer free once again, but as I said above, it seems that Cami has been cancer free for about 2, or almost 3 years. From the looks of it, it seems that Cami is once again healthy! Such a miracle.

Cami playing around with her Mom, after her parents voted. Her Mom says that she was learning about politics, and one day would like to be president.

Cami's hair eventually grew back, and now she looks even more like a beautiful young lady.

Pat Carver, Cami, and Caden, outside a coffee shop.

Beautiful Cami, dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

And now of course, she appears on Wild Explorers!

I really do believe, only God could have healed this girl. It's so incredible to see how far she's come, I know God has big plans for her, and I can't wait to see what it is.

It took a lot of prayer's to get Cami this far, but she finally made it.

Cami Carver inspires me, because of how fearless she was, and she never gave up, even in the hard times. Her Mom put on the blog, that she would say things like, "I don't want to be Cami anymore.", "I'm sorry Dad, I don't know why I feel sad.".

Totally heartbreaking, but The Lord got her through it, and she was so brave.

All these pictures/information was found on Chelsea's blog, Kisses For Cami. You can click here to view it!
The newer pictures of Cami, were found on Chelsea's Instagram, that you can view on the side of the blog.


In honor of Cami, I am giving away a Cami's Frog!

Simply comment down below, Jam-A-Gram me, or see me in Animal Jam, with your username, and why Cami Carver inspires you, and you will be entered in the giveaway!

I've been working so hard to get this, and I'm so grateful Custard traded me this! Thanks again ^.^.

Anyone can enter, and you have from today, (5-9-17), until Monday, (5-15-17), to enter this giveaway.

Good luck to everyone!


And now, for the weekly chapter of 'We Are The Bloggers'!


Chapter 5

After we discussed to Arctic and Custard what we were going to defeat Cheetah and Fan-man, the seven of us stared at them. I gulped. "Well? Have you made your decision" Fan-man asked in an impatient tone. "Yes, we have." Coolcat spoke up. "Good, good." Cheetah said with a grin. "We're going to-" Ja started, but I quickly interrupted, as an idea hit me. "We decided that you can send us through that never ending portal." I said with a fake sigh. The six girls stared at me in shock. "Gracie.." Custard said under her breath. I quickly shot her a smile. "Alright, you asked for it!" Fan-man exclaimed, as he opened activated a large portal to the left, next to the opened purple portal, with a small remote. At that moment, I ran to Fan-man, and grabbed the remote. "Hey!" He exclaimed as I ran throughout the land. I noticed Fan-man and Cheetah started to chase me. My heart raced with anxiety. I looked down at the remote as I ran, and quickly pressed a button that said 'reactivate' on it. Every portal in the land activated. I stared ahead, and realized that I was coming to a dead end. A row of portals lined the walls, and I realized that I had to jump into a portal, or else Cheetah and Fan-man would most likely tackle me, and grab the remote. "It's now or never." I mumbled to myself, as I quickly jumped into a glowing pink portal. "Gracie, don't!" Coolcat yelled in fear. The next thing I knew, I was falling, and falling, through the portal. I felt so tense, and had never felt so nervous in my life. Suddenly, pictures went all throughout the portal. "What is this?" I wondered aloud, as I wiggled my legs, in attempt to turning myself around. "Pictures from, JamCon?" I said to myself in disbelief. A picture to the right of me, started playing into a video. The video was of me and Bepper signing autographs. "Me and Bepper didn't sign autographs together last year.. Me and Snowyclaw did.." I thought to myself as the video began playing. "So Gracie, tell me, why did you leave your friends and decide to let fame get to you?" Bepper asked with a smile, as she looked at me. "Oh, I don't need them. I got through without them last year, I don't need them this year." I said in a prideful voice on the video. The video suddenly stopped playing. I bit my lip, as I began falling again, this time more rapidly. "What did that video mean? Me choosing fame over friends was the past." I asked myself. Oof! I fell flat on my face. I realized the portal had opened up, and I was now at some park. I noticed a sign that said, 'JamCon 2018'. "No.. No no no.." I said to myself. I realized I had taken a portal, that led me into the future. But a future that had shown me what would of happen, if I decided to choose friends over fame again? Julian ran up to me. "Gracie? What happened? You fell out of the sky!" Julian exclaimed. My jaw dropped as I saw him. Snowyclaw and Bepper came up from behind him. "No.." Was all I could say. "Gracie? What's the matter?" Snowyclaw asked, in her sweet, concerned voice. "Why am I here?" I asked nervously. "Why? You came her last year, Kate took you again. Don't you remember?" Bepper asked with a slight laugh. "Did I get mad at one of Julian's fans last year?" I asked, as I stared at the three. "No." Julian said with a shake of his head. "What? What's happening? I gotta get back to the Blogger Portal Land!" I thought to myself. "But how?"


What do you think will happen next? Will Gracie ever get back to her friends? Be sure to comment down below!


Heres this weeks Bible verse!

1 Timothy 2:1

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

Have a great day!


  1. Amazing post Gracie! Cami's is so amazing and so inspiring! She is so brave and her story is so incredible. She has so much hope, courage and bravery. :) She is truly a hero!

    DUN DUN DUN! I now know not to go in Pink portals XD

    I'm surprisingly not gonna enter, I already have a frog plush, And I think other people should have one if they don't because this is such a wonderful item that has a big meaning. :)

    1. Thanks, Talloose!
      It's true, she is very inspiring :)


      Aw' you should enter! I only have 2 entries.. XDDD

      Remember, God made YOU!

  2. I have looked up to Cami for a long while, even before I learned that she was a cancer survivor, its amazing, all that she went through. (what year was it the 2nd time she got cancer?) She is just an amazing person, and an inspiration, I'm glad God saved her life :')
    And I want to meet her so bad XD I always look forward to the wild explorer videos, I hope someday I can become her buddy, or just talk to her, especially now that my dad has leukemia, BUT its not the type that he would die from, praise the Lord for that!
    (and my username is sarahkey8, but you know that ;))



    1. Mmm, I believe she got cancer for the 2nd time in 2013?
      Me as well :) I would love to talk to her :D
      Aw D: I'll pray for your dad :) It's such a blessing it's not the type you can die from, though.


      Thanks! :D

      Remember, God made YOU!

  3. That's a twist! NOOO!

  4. I know someone going through cancer, and Cami's story is super inspiring to me. Great blog post!

    1. Aw, I hope they'll get better soon :) Cami is very inspiring, and I love her story :)

      Remember, God made YOU!

  5. Hi Gracie- great post!

    Cami has always been an inspiration to me - especially after I learned about her whole story!

    I have members in my family who have gone through tough times with medical things too. Though none of them have battled with cancer, they do struggle with a certain form of genetic heart disease that runs in my family.
    It's tough having to watch people you love have to get surgeries and such, especially when supporting them is all you can do. Cami inspires me because she has gone through hard times with cancer, yet still managed to come out of it as a bright and happy individual. She uses what she went through to make her a better person, and to bring a little joy to people around her. I find that super inspiring ^.^

    My username is Arcticstar8404 (but I think you know that XD)

    Awesome addition to the story!

    See you next week!

    - Arctic

  6. Wow, this post just feels me with awe. Cami is just pure inspiration! She inspires me because she shows me that ANYTHING is possible, ANYTHING is possible with God. I am inspired by how even though she went through such pain, she still had a glow. Her smiled reached her eyes. She could still laugh. She could still be fun. She knew that if she believed that she would be healed, God WOULD heal her. Her story had me captivated. I smiled when I saw her smiling, I felt so sad when I read about her in pain or saw her in pain. But look at her now! She beat cancer not once, but TWICE! That is so incredible!! And she still has a wild dreams. I wouldn't be surprised if she got all her dreams to become real. She's just got that faith. It's amazing how much faith and hope and joy Cami has given people and her story is still giving out faith even now.

    Whenever I see a Cami's Frog in a den, I hope to remember that with God, nothing is impossible!

    My user is Lostfairy, as you know. XD AMAZING post!!!

  7. Cami is my favorite!! I have an OC with her name (except I added my own twist to it and called my OC Kammie instead) because that’s how inspiring she was to me.. I used to love watching her wild explorer videos when I was younger! It’s crazy to think we’re the same age now actually. I love Cami! She’s a warrior and the best!


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