Jammer Sundae, err #77?

 !llew gniod lla er'uoy epoh - ereh citcrA !sremmaJ yeH

saw ti tub ,deneppah hcum ton wohemos - keew yzarc rehtona neeb s'tI
 !yaD slooF lirpA rof ylsuoires oot dekcirt lla t'nerew uoy yllufepoH .luftneve llits 

Okay, okay, maybe it isn't the best idea if I type the entire post backwards. Might hurt the eyes. And also your ability to read. And also your ability to generally understand what I'm saying. Alrighty, let's get moving, shall we?

Our last two Ridiculous Rares are both in the diamond shop! (stahp, I'm running out of diamonds!)

Introducing, the Rare Lucky Grass Claws and the Rare Smol Top Hat!

*le gasp*

smol?! Perfect for the smol bean challenge!! Perhaps AJHQ has a secret Amino account...

So smol

Wait, the regular Fancy Top hat is super small on polar bears. What about this one?

Heh heh heh

I love it! Be sure to buy these last Rares today, while you still can!

And now, it is time for this week's :

I'll still give you guys two normal Sundae photos, but I feel the need to tell you about some funny things I witnessed in my travels through Jamaa.

First, a very serious threat! I wouldn't want to stick around and see what happens next. Seriously though, can someone please try this? Whoever this Jammer was is my ultimate hero for never failing to make me laugh when I look back on this (this photo was from a couple years ago). Honestly, though, we need more people like this! 

Next, a photo that needs a bit of explaining. So, allow me to explain! I was in Jamaa Township the other day when someone said this:

The thing that is funny about this is not what is being said, but what I thought was being said. I thought they said

 "Doing liver give away every 10 sub!"

And see, I got very concerned. I stood there in confusion for a minute. There's no way that's safe. Or legal. Or generally even possible. I thought. Until I realized what they were ACTUALLY saying. They said it a couple times too - it took me about three or four times to read it through to understand what they meant! Heh heh, silly me!

And now, a half a Sundae (I'm sorry, but I really needed to include these two short flashbacks)

It was aliens, I swear!

And finally, this guy who just wants to say hello:

That's all for the Jammer Sundae! Now for the factual part of the post:

Our word of the day:

Absquatulate: To leave somewhere abruptly

Hey, hey now! Don't absquatulate from the post!

Our fact of the day:

My good friend Frozen told me this one the other day:

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky!

Weird, right? It has to do with muscles and stuff, apparently. 

See you next week my friends!
Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. Haha I read the begginging backwards!

  2. XD #BackwardsPosting2017

    The smol tophat is pretty much the same size on an elephant as the normal tophat ehe XD

    Trade me or I will moo annoyingly *claps*

    Omg that cat.

  3. I love this blog, It's very fun but, Is anyone reading this in 2018? XD hehehe..


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