Mossy Stone Pathway, AJ Academy DE Update, Glitched Basketball and Secret Pig Topiary Item

Penguin is back for another post. He also has a challenge for himself: to write an entire post in 3rd person. So now, Penguin thinks that the post should begin!
Penguin is thinking about showing the updates today first. He found the new item, which is in Jam Mart Furniture:
Penguin thinks that this item is unique, and a good feature to have in the AJ community. (Literally, since it's brand new, Penguin likes that.)
Secondly, Penguin wants to show you the Daily Explorer update!
 Now, there are two more things Penguin would like to share in this post: first of all, he found a glitch in his item inventory today. When decorating a den, Penguin noticed that a Basketball was very out of place.
Isn't it a weird glitch there? Penguin thinks so.
The other thing Penguin would like to show you guys is the new secret item. It can be found by going to the Spring Cottage den, and you must go all the way right to a Golf Course to find it.
And see the Pig Topiary? The one that Penguin is directly parallel (or, he thinks he is) to? Click on it, and the item is available for purchase.
Penguin hopes that helped you!
Now that's the end of this Saturday post. Penguin is glad you read it, and will see you all next time.

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  1. Hmm, Arctic thinks that this is a very good post, as always. She would also like to say that talking in third person can be quite fun!

    Arctic would like to tell you that you did a great job on the post, and she wishes you a great day!

    - Arctic


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