Reacting To Old Blog Posts, 'Fame' Chapter 9 - The Finale Chapter, And 'We Are The Bloggers' Sample Chapter!


You guys: Three questions. Why are you calling us pajamas, why are you being so weird, AND WHAT ON EARTH IS ON YOUR HEAD?
Me: Because I can, because I can, and because I can 😇
Me: I know! :D But it's a lot better then saying my explanation in Spanish, right?
You guys: Um- either way we still wouldn't get it.
Me: Thank you! :)
You guys: Thats not a compliment..
Me: Okay! :)
You guys: ...
Me: :)


Hey guys, welcome back to another Tuuuuesday post! That was a very crazy intro, to go with a very crazy post..

Todays post, is going to be a post that I've been wanting to do, either on AJC, or my blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community.

A reacting to old blog posts, post! 

When I first started blogging, my posts were seriously, utterly, horrible. And I could probably point out 10 flaws in each one of my first posts. So without further ado, lets get to the reacting post, starting with my very first post on my blog.


Oh dear oh dear where do I start?!

Alright, first of all, why did I put 'Graciepopstar91' at the top of the post? And it's totally off centered..
Why didn't I capitalize the word 'Jammers'?
Why did I spam exclamation points?
And why on earth did I say '(I'm loving this heat and playing in the water haha)' that just sounds.. Strange.. And I think I said that because I was reading a book that I was overly obsessed with, and the character made some remark about how they like the heat.
Thats just..
Why did I put that?!

Heh heh..
Next one.

The title is even bad.. I didn't even capitalize 'wild', and I should of, because it's the name of a game..
I still didn't capitalize 'Jammers'.. What was wrong with my grammar?
Oh my gosh, and of course I put '(like iPhones and iPads!)'.. If someone has an iPhone or iPad, their gonna know it's an IOS device.
Oh dear, the picture didn't even come through! 
*Says all proudly* "I was a beta tester too!!" Too much pride/excitement, Gracie. Too too much.
And of course the exclamation point spam.. 'Cya then jammers!!" 
Did I-
I seriously put '(btw this was graciepopstar91 haha)'? 
Of course it was me.
I was the only author on my blog at the time..
And I put text language in my post. I didn't even capitalize 'BTW'.
This is a shame..
A shame.

Lets jump into another post. This one is from June 30th 2015.

So... I literally thought I could make a cupcake out of fondant, and frosting? I think that might be a challenge for professionals, and I thought I could make one? Aww. How cute.. 
Oh dear.. I didn't capitalize the 'i'.. Oh dear.. Oh dear.. 
I just-
I can't.
*Looks away*
Aww, I'm proud of myself! I finally put 'Remember, God made-' wildlife.. I didn't put 'you'.. My tagline.


Well, after reading this post, you probably feel a lot better about your first blog posts, or first stories. Because mine will forever be the worst. 😊

And now for the second part of the post, 'Fame', chapter 9.

Sadly, this is the last chapter of 'Fame'.

I had a lot of fun writing it, and it's honestly some-what sad that it's over now.

But I am, quite happy the way the 'Fame' story turned out.

So without any further ado, here it is! 'Fame' chapter 9 - the finale.


Chapter 9

Ja looked at me, tears flooding in her eyes. I bit my lip, holding back tears myself, and jumped up and hugged her. As I did, the tears I was holding back dripped down my cheek. "I'm so sorry.." I said, sobbing. "It's alright, Gracie. We forgive you." Ja said with a smile as we broke out of our hug. I looked behind her, and there stood Coolcat, Lost, Swirlshine, Sarah, Custard, Arctic, and Fox. I wiped the tears from my face, and smiled even wider. "But hey, I'm glad we got this experience. Going to JamCon is a Jammers dream. And really, it's all thanks to Coolcat and Sarah." Fox said with a smile. "What?" I asked with confusion. "I found the Famous Jammers email addresses, and emailed them about your channel." Sarah explained. "And Coolcat told Wisteriamoon your phone number." Arctic added. I sighed. "And it all got to my head.." I mumbled. "Hey, it's alright. we forgive you." Swirlshine said happily. A happy feeling came over me as well. "These are friends. YouTubers will never make the cut in my eyes." I thought to myself as I stared at them. "I'm never going back." I said lowly to myself, as I turned my head, gazing at the park. Coolcat smiled. "You came with the YouTubers, how are you going to get back home?" Swirlshine asked me with confusion. I sighed, remembering that 'minor' detail. I pondered that question for a moment. "Well, I'll be a 'bold banana' and tell them I'm just not coming back home with them." I said as I winked at Swirl playfully. She laughed. "But who will take you home?" Fox asked from behind Custard. "I got an idea, my Mom can take you to the Airport." Coolcat joined in. "You think she would?" I asked with hope. Coolcat nodded. "Yeah, she knows were best friends." Coolcat reminded me as she lifted up half of a 'BFF' necklace I got her a while back. "You still have it." I said as I smiled. "Of course. I knew this day would come soon." Coolcat said with a twinkle in her eye. "We better get going, the Famous Jammers are probably going to leave soon, it's almost five!" Lost said as she started to lead the group to the center of the park. A nervous feeling came over me as we walked. What if Kate wouldn't let me leave, since I was technically her responsibility while we were in Boston? I shivered at the thought. I just couldn't go with them. My pace quickened, just wanting to get this over with. But then the thought of what the Lord at whispered in my ear. "Surely this will be taken away from you." That gave me hope, knowing that the Lord always keeps his promises. As we approached the autograph tables, Julian ran up to me. "Gracie! Why did you and your friends come back? You gonna bow down to me now?" Julian asked, raising his head with pride. "Um, no. I was coming to talk to Kate, I'm quitting." I said firmly, moving out of Julian's way, to continue walking. "What?" He said, his voice fading in the distance. Me and my friends quickly walked through the crowd, trying to find Kate. "There she is." Arctic said in a low voice as she nodded her head slightly toward Kate. I took a deep breath, and walked over to her. "Kate?" I started, as I stared at the lady. "Yes, Gracie?" Kate said as she smiled at me. "My real friends are taking me back home. I'm quitting being a YouTuber." I said boldly. Kate sighed. "We're gonna miss you Gracie.." She started as she looked at me sadly. "But it's your choice. As long as your with your friends and a trusted adult, I'll let you go with them back home." She said to me with a slight smile. I smiled back. "Thanks, Kate. And thanks for taking me here." I said happily. She nodded. "Anytime." She replied. I motioned for my friends to follow me. We headed towards the parking lot, and I looked at my friends. "Ready to go?" I asked them, hoping they'd agree. It had been such a long day, I wanted to get out of the Commons Park. My eight friends nodded, and I grinned. "My Mom was gonna take us all out to dinner. Do you wanna come, Gracie?" Sarah asked as she happily walked over to where Ja was standing. "That sounds wonderful." I said with a broad smile, as I slid my purse off my shoulder, and looked for something in it. "What are you looking for?" Custard asked with a slight tilt of her head. I pulled out nine band bracelets, that said 'Friendship' on it. I gave them out to all of the girls, and saved one for me. "I was going to give this to the YouTubers. I'm glad I waited." I said with a smile. "This is to show, that we will always be friends, no matter what happens." I added, as I slipped my bracelet on. They all smiled back.

Later that night at dinner, the adults got a table, and me and my eight friends sat at our own table. "This has been a pretty crazy day, huh?" I commented. They all nodded. "But it was worth it." Fox said with a grin. "You know, I was thinking.." I started, as I looked at the eight girls. "What if we all created a blog? And we all write for it." I said thoughtfully. "Yeah! But what would we call it?" Coolcat wondered aloud. I looked down at my bracelet I was wearing. "How about 'The Animal Jam Friendship Community'?" I suggested. "To show that our friendship will never be broken. And the nine of us pretty much are like our own community. The community of friends." I finished, waiting for the girls to put in there feedback. "That sounds great." Arctic piped up. Smiles went all around, as we made plans for our new blog. From that moment on, we were no longer just friends.
We are the Bloggers.

The End.



Dun, dun dun dun dun dun...

*Cues credits*

Ahem, anyways,

Please comment down below how you liked the final chapter!


The end of the story, is somewhat a cliff-hanger, surrounding the blog. Because I couldn't just stop 'Fame', and let it go, I had to make a sequel for it.

It will be called 'We Are The Bloggers', and the first chapter will come out next Tuesday. But for now, here is a sample chapter!


One year after JamCon..

Sample Chapter

I peered out the large square window in my bedroom. Rain poured heavily outside, flooding the roads. I sighed deeply, and slowly walked over to my bed, and sat down. "It's a Saturday and we can't even do anything." I mumbled to myself as I picked up my laptop that was next to me, and set it down on my lap. I opened it up, and decided to log onto Animal Jam to see my friends. 'Nice Jammers make the best buddies!' The loading screen said, as the world icon spun around, indicating it was still trying to load. Jamaa Township finally appeared on the screen, when it did, I looked down on the den icon, that said '11' on it. "Eleven people are at my den?" I thought to myself, in shock. I quickly clicked the icon to go to my den. There in my den was Coolcat, Lostfairy, Sarah, Ja, Fox, Custard, Swirlshine, and Arctic, and also some of our new friends, Kara, Violet, and Tiger. "What's going on?" I typed quickly, in alarm. "We really need to talk to you.." Kara said, quickly replying. Even though I couldn't hear her voice, I felt like something was going on. "You wanna tell her, Swirl?" Coolcat asked, as we all spread out in my Masterpiece Gallery den. "Is everything okay?" I asked the eleven girls with confusion. "Well, it all started yesterday morning, when my Mom told me I needed to clean up my room. As I was doing so, I noticed this weird, bright, glowing light in my closet.." Swirlshine typed. As I read what she said, my heart started pounding. "I opened up the closet door, and noticed a portal, with a magenta frame.. Just like me my friends made up about-" She typed, but before she could say anymore, I interrupted. "The Blogger Portal.." I typed quickly.


Since there is already two other Blogger Portal stories, this one will be slightly different, and with a unique twist.

All of the other stories will have already been finished, and and released, in my story. And with the information from the other stories, we learn that we can go through the portal, and will be able to see each other.

But in Sarahkey8's Blogger Portal story, everyone gets trapped, and cannot come back. That will happen in this story too, and we all remember that happened in Sarah's story.

But the twist on this, is that no particular person trapped us in the portal, it's just not everyone has this portal, if they do not believe the portal could be real.

In the end, theres only one person that can get us back home. Through the power of writing.

So it will be like theres some references to the other Blogger Portal stories, but completely separate, and it's own story.

In my story, it will be like the other stories are fictional, but this really happened to the eleven bloggers.

What do you think will happen? Be sure to comment down below.


Thats all for this weeks post, so here is this weeks Bible verse!

2 Corinthians 4:6

For God, who said, "Let there be light in the darkness," has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ.

Remember, God made YOU!

Be yourself, stay positive, and spread God's word everyday!


  1. This was an EPIC post! I had a hard time trying not to cry on the last chapter of fame. It was so sweet!

  2. Grate story! I really teaches that friendship is more meaningful and will always shine brighter then fame. I'm also super excited for the next story!!! :D

  3. Gracie!!!! That was an amazing end to an amazing story!

    I also like the new bit you wrote with the portals and stuff - I can't wait, you're an excellent writer.

    - Arctic

  4. I should do reacting to my old comments sometimes,
    But that would take forver
    could I would have to go back and back and back into the past of the de XDDDDDDD

    AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Me loaf the story Gracie!!
    Are you gonna publish that one also? :D
    Can't wait for the next one!!
    *King Tough Bunny

  6. Nice end to your story! :) I can't wait until the squeal comes out!!

    Speaking of your old posts... It's not spamming exclamation points if you do two... It's spammy when you do four and more... That's just my thinking. ;)


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