Rare Feather Necklace, DE Update and Secret Item in Liza's Garden Den

Guys, before I start this post. I just wanted to say that I won't be posting any more after this. This will be my final post and I won't be able to play AJ any more. I know this may seem like one of those "April Fools" jokes, but I am serous. School has gotten so, so, so difficult lately and I honestly have no time to play this game, or any passion now. Posting has gotten too hard lately and I can barely keep up. I am so sorry for this, but trust me, this won't really be the last time you'll see me around.
Usted acaba de conseguir abril engaƱado! Now, can anybody ready that? I hope so, because it's really important. What does that sentence translate to? Search it up, and you'll find out. Hopefully you won't be disappointed! Now, let's get into the updates today. Here is the new item, found in the Diamond Shop.
Secondly, here is the Daily Explorer update.

Now, during the latest update, there was a new den released. There is now an AJHQ version of it, and there's yet another secret item. Firstly, head to the top right and you'll find this:
Click on it, and you can buy it!
Anyways, that's all for this post. I won't be on this blog anymore after today. Or, if you're smart, you'd read this sentence: Usted acaba de conseguir abril engaƱado
(so yeah, don't worry about me. That sentence pretty much proves why!)

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  1. Agh! Penguin!! I was prepared to write a huge speech of what a blessing you've been to the blog and stuff- but alas, I just got fooled again!! Why must this always happen??

    Great post as always!



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