Hey Jammers, Arctic here. And I woke up this morning and realized, I completely forgot to post! It's been so busy that it entirely slipped my mind. Thus. I'll only be featuring the item today!

A while ago, AJHQ released the Rare Grass claws for a Wild Weekend (wacky rares!). We have the normal version of the item in stores now - the Grass Claws. These items come in eight different shades of grass for your grass wearing pleasure!

I'm not entirely sure how you can make claws out of grass, but to each their own! Be sure to buy this item for 650 gems at Jam Mart Clothing, and be careful about grass stains!

I'm so sorry for how mega short this post is guys, I'll do the factual part of the post, but won't have the time for a Sundae!

Our word of the day:

Aa: A kind of lava that makes jagged masses with a light frothy texture

Yes, this is actually a word!

Our fact of the day:

I'm not entirely sure if this will work, so try this with caution!

Feel free to contact me at !



  2. Hmm.. Grass Claws.. not entirely sure what I think about this item.. XD
    Hehe! Grass stains 😆

    Hm, strange word! Aa.. o.o

    That's interesting! Now I wanna try to do this coke experiment XD I think we might still have some.. I'll have to see if I can try this! Then on my Tuesday post, put up if it worked.. 😳

    Have a great week, Arctic! And I look forward to your guest post on Saturday, on the AJFC :)

    Remember, God made YOU!

    1. I'm looking forward to it too! Thanks Gracie!

      - Arctic

  3. Doesn't soda explode in the freezer XD

    Or was that soda CANS

    Idk but I dont have any soda not in a can XDD

    Grass claws are strange

    AA IS A WORD?!?!?!?!?!?


    1. Yeah, I heard about pop cans exploding in the freezer... Again, try this with extreme caution, haha!

      Glass claws definitely are strange. I wonder who came up with that one!

      - Arctic


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