April Fools' Party!

Hello Jammers! General is here to report that the April Fools' Party is back (it's the 1st of April tomorrow)!

You may have noticed that General has a new pet lemur in the picture above. That's because lemurs were released by AJHQ today!

Lemurs are awesome! Speaking of awesome, there was an awesome announcement in the Jamaa Journal this morning...

It's official - falcons are coming soon! Back in January, Jammers were asked to take a vote on which new animal they would like to see (ostriches, sloths or falcons). General picked the ostrich, but as long as the new animal is a bird, he is happy!

General as a falcon
Since it's almost April Fools' Day, General will end his post with a random joke.

Why is the rational root theorem so polite?
It minds its P's and Q's!

This is one of those jokes that you have to explain, so if you don't get it, research the rational root theorem!

Bye for now!


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