Flower Welcome Mat, and Arctic Brings Back the Randomness!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! I hope you have had a good beginning of the week! I have been looking at some of my (and Mldriver's) old posts, and have realized that my writing has become a bit dry and boring. I think I might try writing the way I used to before for this post! If you have any suggestions for things you want to hear about, please be sure to let me know in the comments!!

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First of all I would like to point out something I noticed! Last year I made a post about the "Bird Nest Hat" from Sunday's post. I had been looking through some of my old writing, when I noticed that...

AJHQ changed the name of the item from the "Egg Nest Hat" to the "Bird Nest Hat". I find it interesting that they changed this because I had criticized the inaccuracy of the name when it first came out!

Behold, an excerpt from last year's post, notice the name says Egg instead of Bird:

And this new name:


Today's new item is sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 500 gems. Introducing, the Flower Welcome Mat! I have to say, I am very impressed with AJHQ on this one, and I bought one as soon as I saw it. The item just looks so Spring - y and is perfect for Spring dens! This is one of those items that do not have any colour options, which is always good, and finally, we have a non-member buyable item that I am happy about! Be sure to buy one for your spring den today!

Next, I have a short story of something that happened in Jamaa recently:

Once upon a time, Pouncing was strolling along (or rather, swimming through) the overpopulated streets of Jamaa Township

Eventually she got through, and decided to stop by Jam Mart Furniture. She scoffed when she saw the "Sale" sign, as Jam Mart Furniture was almost never on sale. (did you know that below the word "Sale" on the sign it says "everything you need for your den"?)

Inside the shop she noticed a strange item... A tiger paw chair? She knew the item had been there for a while, but she decided that she would buy it that day!

When she got home she realized how strangely creepy the item really was

And that, was the last time Pouncing ever sat in that chair. Now you know a little bit more about something that is absolutely pointless! Yes, I just wasted your time. My apologies.

The End.

Oh my goodness... I just realized I am having conversations with myself, pretending to be two different characters at the same time who just happen to be a fox wearing a fox hat and an owl with tree branch antlers... I really need help XD

Someday I am going to look back on this and be really confused.

Moving on!

And now, it is time for the fabulous factual part of the post:

Our word of the day:

Collywobbles: That feeling of "butterflies in your stomach"

Collywobbles, haha! I really need to start using funny words like this! Just imagine being about to take a big test in class, and you lean across the aisle, looking your friend straight in the eye with the most serious facial expression and saying "I've got the collywobbles".

Sounds like something I would actually do, in all honesty...

Our fact of the day:

Mushrooms have their own immune system.

Does that mean that mushrooms can get sick? Arctic, you need to stop this. This is really unhealthy. WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP AT SUCH STRANGE HOURS PONDERING SUCH RIDICULOUS THINGS?! DO YOU NOT HAVE A LIFE?

The answer is no, no I do not.

Have a great day, Jammers! By the way, this amount of randomness was exactly how my old style of posts were, right before I started trying to be taken more seriously! I don't care if I sound ridiculous anymore, and I honestly have more fun writing in this old style! I like it better. What do you think?

Want to contact me? Send me an email at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. Omg, arctic, YES! thank you so much for going back to your old, random, awesome style! and please check your gmail :)
    ples im loneleh.

    1. Aww, haha! I really prefer this style anyway!
      I've checked my email, now you won't have to be so loneleh

  2. XD, I laughed at the collywobbles word! BTW, randomness=AWESOME! :P

    1. I agree!

      Thanks swirlshine, I believe I will be keeping this style!

      - Arctic


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