Spring is Coming!

        As we all know, St. Patrick's Day is the marker of the beginning of spring. How are you guys feeling about this? Today, we have two new items that are the Shamrock fence and the Shamrock Gate. Also, the Lucky Party is back. To celebrate, I will provide my favorite parts about AJHQ's den.
        For those who don't know, AJHQ has a den that is on the list along with the Epic Dens. This time, its Cosmo's den. It isn't as season themed as some of the other dens we have seen but it still looks nice nonetheless. Here are some pictures featuring my favorite parts:

          The shelf of knick-knacks is interesting and it shows some interesting miniature items. The drums next to the clock is also very cool. While the den is actually quite small, it has a nice homely feel to it. I have always liked visiting this den. It has some unreleased items and how they all fit together seasonal items. That is all for now! I hope you have a nice week and that spring brings beautiful flowers for you.

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