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Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Friday for your entertainment. Yes, I have changed the schedule due to a busy life and it is really hard for me to post on Tuesdays so I am sorry, but anywho...

Yesterday was a fun ST. Patrick day so I hope you had a good time!

There is nothing really in stores so we will just skip that...
But some of the St. Patrick Items are going out of stock so you better get any memorable possessions before its too late. (I favor the tea set)

So just for everyone to know, if your low on gems, go to the arcade and the Falling Phantom game is X2 the gems! It is such a fun game to play, easy to win and fast. 

Jamaa is festive with the beautiful spring look! Go around and have a peaceful day getting to know Jamaa!

Quick Question: Do you think that Animal Jam Head Quarters is doing so many weird updates because people keep quitting?

Fun Fact! Ostriches are the fastest land running animal!;

Contact me at grace2092animaljam@gmail.com
Post every Fridays for your entertainment!

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  1. Hey guys I'd love it if you'd support this New animal Jam website, I think it's for a really good cause. http://ajchantforchange.webs.com/ They will do a raffle for their first 20 members to join the site and the prize is a rare something, I dunno what it is exactly but check it out


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