Flip Flops + Spring Egg Hunt opinion

Welcome back to the Ellen Show! Oh wait- oops. I meant the Animal Jam Community blog.
First of all, today has been a very interesting day on Animal Jam, all because of the Flip Flops being released. When I saw them I was wondering to myself why they were already out. However, I forgot how close Summer actually was. Anyways, here is the screenshot of the new item, the Flip Flops.
I went to the Daily Explorer and noticed this article.
 Yes, if you want to save money, you better hurry because the March Madness sale is almost over.
Finally, I was thinking about the old days when AJHQ has us hunt for eggs in Jamaa. Here were some of the prizes that you were able to get:

Once the Spring Festival adventure came out, the Egg Hunt never came back. Today I believe AJHQ does too many seasonal adventures and doesn't make any real ones, which is kind of annoying. Also, I think the Spring Egg Hunt was slightly funner because it wasn't an adventure, and the prizes would be valuable. You'd also learn new facts and have to journey around the map. This is just my opinion, but if you have a different one, I'd love to hear it! What do you think about this situation? Should we keep having Seasonal Adventures, or something like the Spring Egg Hunt again?
I hope you enjoyed today's episode of the Ellen Show! (Oops, I did it again.) Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! (Yay, I didn't say the Ellen Show that time!) 

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