Shamrock Glasses + World Map theory

Well, this is awkward.
Sadly, Cerise had decided to take a month off of Animal Jam, and I told Arctic I could post on Wednesdays for her until she's back. It looks like I'll be filling in for her now.
Looking on the brighter side, here is today's new item:
This is interesting because the latest rare was the Shamrock Glasses, and it looked like this pair.
Here is the Daily Explorer update that includes Starry Night.
 Maybe the Starry Night painting inspired the Starry Walls on Animal Jam. Who knows?
Lastly, I came up with a theory that reveals the world map could expand. Look at these unknown lands real quick.

If you think about it, the adventures and phantoms are out there somewhere. And possibly in the future, AJHQ could expand the map to add more lands and reveal where the phantoms live. That would be cool. After all, these lands look like they are cut off...
I hope you enjoyed this post, but I must go now because of school. Thanks for viewing, and keep coming back!

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