Hello Jammer's and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Tuesday and Friday for your entertainment! 

Lets get started with the Jamaa Journal!
Questions and Comments:
1. St. Patrick's day is coming, how pumped are you?
2. Do you like the new den? 
3. Otters are back, do you like them?
4. Do you play Animal Jams Play Wild game? You do? Horses are here!
5. Rhinos are traveling so you have two weeks to get one!

St. Patrick's day is coming! Make sure to buy all the adorable new things in stores so you have a festive den and outfit for every holiday of the year! Also, in Jam Mart Furnishing, there is a really adorable tea cup set!

Hope you guys are are having a fantastic Friday!

Fun Fact: Horses have bigger eyes then any animal that lives on land.

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  1. 1. Pretty excited! I don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but sometimes our city hosts parades for it ^^.
    2. Love it!
    3. Yeah, otters are pretty cool. I love how they can juggle fish(:
    4. I absolutely do! I beta tested for it! & yay!
    5. Not a huge fan of rhinos but I may have to get one now, haha.

    [happy friday]

  2. I thought this blog hadn't posted since the author tryouts. Turns out I didn't have it bookmarked on the Home page. :P

  3. 1. I LOVE "Lucky Day" on AJ! In real life, I don't really celebrate that, although isn't that the day when you get pinched if you're not wearing green? I hated that day in Pre-K, i remember, XDD!
    2. Loving the new den! I bought it! :) It has a kinda Greek, mythological feel to it, and it isn't oversized! Way to go AJHQ! I am finally satisfied!
    3. Welcome back you cute otters! Luv them <3
    4. I play PW sometimes, but my little bro usually uses the iPad, so I can't play much. Darn too, I really think the horses are super cute!


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