Daffodil Stool And March Madness Sale

Well, well, well, if it isn't the people that read this blog again?
Umm, I know, that was a pretty awkward way to start a post, but who doesn't like something a little funny? (I could try being a Comedian but would fail.)
Oh, and if you are wondering who I am, it's Penguin. I took the spot for Cerise on Wednesdays and will go back to the regular schedule once she returns. (That's just a reminder if you didn't know.) Hopefully she'll come back soon and be ready to play Animal Jam once again!
Moving on... here is the new item for today.
I find this item interesting. It is like a a flower, but has a stool on top.
Before I logged on to AJ today, I noticed something new on the login page.
 March Madness? It looks like AJHQ is hosting a sale because of a College Basketball tournament. This is weird, because they've never done it before. (Or, at least I've never seen it before. I could be blind and never looked last year.) I think AJHQ is trying to draw in more cultures now, which is a good thing.
Lastly, here is the Daily Explorer update for The Mona Lisa.
 I like how the Daily Explorer makes Jammers submit their own versions of famous paintings because it adds on to the "more cultures" idea on AJ.
What do you think about the cultures idea? Is it good, or bad? I believe it will help many more people join the game because they will actually recognize something that they know about.
That's the end of this post, but here is a last minute quote: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


  1. How r u supposed to sit on a stool like .... a flower?!?! it looks like a table lol

    1. Ya, its totes does! XD That's what I thought it was! XD -lostfairy


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