Lucky Updates

General here! AJHQ unveiled a lot of new updates today. Most of them are based on St Patrick's Day!
Jamaa Township is very festive!
There's a new den sold for five diamonds in the Diamond Shop. It's called the Lucky Castle, and General thinks it is awesome!
A pool of gold?
Pet skunks have come out, too. Like most new pets, they're only available at the Diamond Shop. General named his pet skunk Bluesky.
General's skunk is looking classy.
Also, the Lucky Clovers adventure is back! General isn't sure how much it's changed since last year...
There are so many clovers in this adventure!
Finally, on the 14th, it will be Pi Day (General's favourite holiday)! On this day, AJHQ will rerelease the awesome pi-based items that were first sold last year. General already has every pi item from last year, so he's hoping there will be some brand-new additions.
In General's den, it's Pi Day everyday!
Thank you for reading! General out!

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