The New Animal Jam App, Giveaway Winners, And No 'Follow Your Dreams' Chapter!

Me: Sawubona nabangani be-banana unicorn! Ungabafana kanjani okwenza ngoLwesibili ngoLwesibili ntambama? Ngomuntu siqu, ngenza kahle. Injani impilo?
You guys: Oh dear. Gracie's off on another one. You haven't done an intro in another language in so long! Why are you starting now?! :C
Me: Ngikhuluma Zulu! Ngokwethembeka, angikaze ngizwe ngeZulu. Yiliphi izwe eliyikhuluma ngisho na ?!
You guys: Gracie, we don't understand you at all. Please speak English..
Me: Kuyini isiNgisi?
You guys: What even.. *grabs microphone*
Me: Ungubani amadoda ukuya phezulu?
You guys: *Yell in Gracie's ear* PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH!!!
You guys: Alright, that's it. We're gonna use Google Translate.
Me: Kulungile.
You guys: Alright.. From the looks of it you're speaking Zulu.. And you're saying "What's English?" O.O? Gracie, you were speaking English just yesterday in your post.
Me: NO I WASN- I mean- cha, bengingekho!
You guys: .....
Me: *is getting very mad*

You guys: You know what.. We're gonna go... o.o
Me: ....
You guys: ....
Me: Uhm
You guys: Yeah.
Me: I'm gonna go post.
You guys: Yeah.
Me: .... Bye
You guys: Yeah.
Me: ....


Okay.. That was just all over the place O.o

Anywho, without further weirdness (hehe), let's get started!


Top thumbnail by Snowyclaw, bottom thumbnail by Wisteriamoon.
Recently, in the Animal Jam YouTubing community, there has been talk about a new Animal Jam app! Now, this app won't be anything like "Animal Jam - Play Wild!", "AJ Jump", or "Tunnel Town". Snowyclaw, in her live-stream, described the app/beta test of the app, as "It's really just the same place*, just a different way to log in."
Animal Jam*

In another words, the app is going to be exactly the same as the website, Animal Jam, just in the form of an app! This is mainly for people, who can't run flash on their laptops/computers.

During Snowyclaw's live-stream, she answered some questions people had asked about this new app. Here's a list of some of the Q&A's, to help you guys understand some things about this app better. ^.^ All the answers in this, were answered by Snowyclaw in her live-stream.


Q: Does it work on Chrome Books?
A: "I'm not sure if it works on Chrome Books, but as long as you're able to download apps, you should be able to work it on a Chrome Book. I'm not totally familiar with Chrome Book."
*Q&A answered on 31:07 on the video entitled "BETA TESTING the new APP livestream + GIVEAWAYS"*

Q: Can you get the app for free?
A: "Yes, the app, the Animal Jam app, is free. It is actually just a little downloaded app that Animal Jam HQ gave to the Jambassadors to do beta testing on. We have a couple days where we do the very initial beta testing of the app itself, cause we don't want there to be really crazy glitches cause that would be very hard for everyone else to use we're just testing it to make sure there aren't any crazy glitches going on and then on July 26th we'll actually have links for you guys to download the apps yourself and test them out, that way everyone gets a chance to beta test it before it is available on the main website."
Location: 31:26

Q: Can it be run on mobile?
A: "No, this is just a computer app for the online version of Animal Jam. The mobile version, Play Wild, is totally separate. It's a very different theme. But, hopefully, with the app, slowly we'll get some improvement with the game."
Location: 34:10

Q: What is the app for? Are they closing down the website? And is it going to be the only way to play Animal Jam?
A: "That is a good question. The app is for people who have issues loading the online version of Animal Jam. It's for the flash, cause flash can be a little hard to use on some computers. So, giving this option will let Jammer's play on their computers if it works better for them. But, they will not be deleting the online Animal Jam. It's just another way to play. "
Location: 1:17:32

Q: How can you tell the difference from the original?
A: "Well, you can't really tell the difference, but it looks a lot cleaner and prettier in the app, and that's really the only difference at the moment. But I'm sure, I'm sure it will get better and better as time goes on."
Location: 1:18:11


So, as Snowyclaw said in the second question I had listed, the app will be available for open beta testing tomorrow! I believe you can get the link to beta test it on Snowyclaw's YouTube channel, or on her website.

It's pretty exciting that soon you will be able to play Animal Jam on an app, rather than just a website.

In the video, Snowy thought it would be cool, to have an offline version of the app, and you can play the arcade games on it, and when you get connected to wifi, you would be able to transfer your gems to your account. I think that might be pretty cool while traveling!

I believe my Mom is going to allow me to beta test the app when it comes out tomorrow, so most likely next weeks post will be regarding the beta test of this app! It will include lots of screenshots of what it looks like, and I will give you the link to download the app. ^.^

What's your thoughts about all this? Will this app be helpful to you? Be sure to comment down below!


As you may or may not know, last week I held a beta giveaway! Yesterday my Mom chose the winners, and I gave out their prizes. The winners are...

🎉 Housemom418 winning the Fly Trap
Sarahkey8 winning the Sewing Machine
Ja983 winning the Bronze Giraffe Statue
Lostfairy winning the Television
Koolestkat winning the Bubblegum Machine
Binx1184 winning the Open Sign
Puppypaws518 winning the RC Car 🎉

Congratulations everyone! I hope you enjoy your prizes! ^.^

Don't feel discouraged if you didn't win this giveaway! I will for sure have more in the near future.

Comment call: What kinds of giveaways would you like to see in the future?


I know normally I post up a "Follow Your Dreams" chapter, but this week, I decided not to. I got sorta delayed with posting, because after I wrote the first part of this post, regarding the Animal Jam app, I took a break, and decided to bake, then I did the dishes, and didn't feel like writing a whole other section of the post. So sorry about that! Next week will be a double feature, I promise 😜.


Here's this weeks Bible verse!

Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!


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