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Greetings everyone, today I will sharing some memories with ya'll.
People do this every once and a while to kinda clear out old pictures and things. And that's kinda what I'm doing. XD

This was for I think last years Fez day, and this was my entry. 

Wired glitch. XD 

National Geographic magazines in the Chamber of knowledge 

I finished this yesterday for Crazcatlover. :D
If anyone wants a ----gle, comment below, what you want your name to be. :)

When my plushie den  featured on the AJ Whip. :P
It's highlighted bc I was showing it to my mom. lol

Da fishy on Tierney's Aquarium. :P

Uhhh Coral Canyon picture from vacation? XD

o,o Idk who this is, but this, is a random picture I found in the aj picture files. 
I think this is just edited, but this is is still weird. 

Pictures from my book. That I entered for Gracies story contest. 

I think I was taking a picture of the arctic fox carving?

Omg I remember this! 
For everyone else, they were in the ice den, for me, I was in the Masterpiece den! And I could move around and stuff, and I could see all the den items in really weird places! LOL

Um this isn't AJ, but It was on this computer. XD 
A Gingerbread house we did last year! 
it was really fun to do. I will not show the other side, bc Tox did that side, and it looks HORRIBLE. 
He ruined it! :(

And that is all for pictures! 
Omg on this computer I found some SUPER DUPER CUTE PICTURES OF BOOOOO
I wish SO bad I could show you guys!!! D: 

Now, before I go, I want to announce that Crazcatlover, just made a new blog named 

And she is looking for new authors, and you could be one of them, so check it out! 

*Husky Ninja

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