Independence Day Story, Firework pictures

:Has earbuds in, and has sound up so much you can clearly hear lyrics from 5 feet away: 
Me: Ooooh oooohhhhhh oooohohhhhhh
You Guys: Ja?
Me: Ooooh ohhhh, well the past is playing with my head, 
You Guys: Uhhh Jaaaaa? 
Me: And failure knocks me down again, I'm reminded of the wrong, that I have said and done, and that Devil just wont leet me forget. 
You Guys: Aaaand she's turned into Sarah, YOUR THE OLDER SISTER, You are suppose to be an EXAMPLE!
Me: In this life, I know what I've been! But here in your arms, I know what I am! I am forgiven! 
I amm forgiveeeeen! And I don't carry, the weight of who I've been! Cuz I am forgiveeeen! 
:You guys pull an earbud out and scream into my ear: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: YEEEEOCH! Turn it down you howler monkey! 
You Guys: US?! 
Me: Yes! 
You Guys: Grrrr, :walks away with very angry face: 
Me: Wait, guys? Where ya going? I'm doing my post! 
You Guys: :Comes back and sits down with smile: Really?! :D 
Me: Yeaaaasssshhh, no, I just said that so you would come back. 

Hehehe that was fun XD 
Now, Today I shall tell you what me and my family did on independence day! It should be fun! :D
Also happy late Independence Day and Canada Day and any other holidays similar. XD

First I woke up and then I ...
You Guys: Gasp no you didn't wake up! You just sat there in bed and had a great time! 
Me: ...... 
Anyway I ate breakfast loaded the dishwasher, and went downstairs for devotions. Where my dad talked a bit about America, and how we got to be free, then we sang some songs, and read the bible.
Then my mom said she had gotten some really fun things, like rocket balloons, sparklers, and water balloons! :D
First we had a snack of watermelon, then we did the rocket balloons, Those were fun! :D
Then we did the water balloons
And they were the water balloons where you attach a thiny to the hose, and the water balloons pop off, SO COOL, and fun to watch! :O
We've gotten those things twice, the first time was awesome, the second time/this time, not, the water balloons DID NOT POP WHEN YOU THREW THEM, They SERIOUSLY BOUNCED off the person, onto the grass, and THEN popped!
I was like what in the world, this isn't fun, lol
After I told my mom about the water balloons not popping, I asked her if me, Sarah, Pob, Nas and Tox, could go down to the river and swim, she said yes as long as I put on the sprinkler for Bunny Girl and my second youngest brother. Wait a second! I should have asked mom if I could let Johnny touch the sprinkler, he would love it I'm sure! :O 
Anyway, Tox didn't want to go the the river, so it was just Me Sarah Pob and Nas.
It was super fun, We always do this thing with Mr. Fodo, Samantha, Mary, and Pippin. XDD
We were having a splash, until Pob got pinched, by a crayfish, then Sarah started freaking out. 
Trust me when Sarah is freaking out about something like that, She is annoying. lol
Then we went back home took a shower, and I started reading Maze Runner, Finished that book in one day lol.
Then I had to help with dinner we were making our own tortillas and putting chicken and such in them, I forgot what their called at the moment lol.
Dinner was very good! :D
And then my dad brought up a point, "Why are we having Mexican food, today on a holiday celebrating America?" 
I just stopped eating and looked at mom for a moment. XD
After dinner I started reading again, and at around 8:30 we got in the car to go see the fireworks. I LOVE watching Fireworks it's so cool! And they only come around once a year sooo.
We never go into the stands to watch the fireworks, We did that one time. It was AWFUL! :O
Like an hour of music, (And I think 1 of them was from the little mermaid under the sea or something o,o what in the world?)
And then 20 minutes of thanking people, and some other stuff I don't remember, and then finally, the fireworks came on. They only start it when it get's fully dark.
Anyway we just go a parking lot or something near by and watch them. A bunch of other people do it too. XD
Where we set down to watch the fireworks was by a gas stations, we saw some friends from church! :)
So my mom and dad just started talking XD.
Like halfway through, two guys came riding by on a motorcycle, and one of them was like 10 times louder then the fireworks, I needed to cover my ears ..... lol
About a minute before the fireworks were over, some people came over, and had pizza oooooh
I SUDDENLY FELT HUNGRY I nearly opened the box and took a piece, lol not really XD
Then we went home, watching a tiny bit more fireworks on the way.
We never got to the sparklers, but my mom said we'll try to do it soon, or next time we do a campfire.
And that was my Independence Day! :D
I wasn't sure what to post about so I thought I'd just tell ya about my day. XD
And now I'd thought I'd show you guys some cool pictures of fireworks I found!

Image result for Fireworks

Image result for Fireworks

Image result for Fireworks

Image result for smiley face firework
I one time saw a smiley face firework lol 

Image result for firework

Image result for firework

Image result for firework

SO COOL! I love fireworks! :O 
I wanna know how they work better. 
Anyway buy guys! See ya next week. 
You Guys: No we won't ....
Me: You won't? D: Why?
You Guys: not if you do that kinda intro again! 
Me: hehehe I wont, 
You Guys: Are you just saying that so we don't leave? 
Me: maaaybe 
You Guys: ........



  1. YOU READ THE MAZE RUNNER???? YESSSSS JA NOW YOU MUST READ THE SCORCH TRIALS AND THE DEATH CURE!!!!!!! OH BOY YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR THE DEATH CURE!!! And you have to watch the maze runner movie and scorch trials movie and the death cure when it comes out in February next year:) Sorry I'm just really happy someone read the maze runner. It's like one of my favourite trilogy's !!

    1. YES
      I just finish the second book today! :D
      I have not watched the movie, Idk if I wanna, do the Grievers look the same :O O,o
      *Husky Ninja


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