Jamaa Journal Vol 202 Geckos!? And Gracie's Bingo!

Hey Jammers! Saaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrraaahkey8 here with another post! :D Today is update day! Today's update was pretty small, not too exciting tbh..

First 3 pages :)

Pandas are back! And with it, the mysterious items :o
A little pricey, especially when you compare it to le previous:
I feel sorry for people who traded so much for these tbh o.o This is why, usually I dont trade much for items I have never seen, most of the time they are promo, or something like this...
And dere are also diamond shop items  
Cute :D
Along with these paws! 

A new animal! :D Okay, it is very obvious what this animal is
*spoiler alert*
A gecko! Ya just have to zoom in, but this is clearly a gecko 
Image result for animal jam pet gecko
Matches the red one completely! Some people are saying its a flamingo, but its not  
Sooolved XD
                                                                 Strange, whenever AJHQ does a retail giftcard ad, they usually have some of the items with the falcon! I wonder what those items could be :o
                                                      A new video, and arctic foxes are leaving! FAREWELL LIL BUDDIES THAT NOBODY USES :')
                                             I am excited about this one for some reason, sadly I wont (probably ever) be able to get one, *sighs* Oh well, can't wait to see the unboxing videos! :D

And that is all, right now Animal Jam will not load, so I can't do A.A.J.A :c Inless I decide to edit it in later,
Well thats all of the update! But recently, Graciepopstar91 made a bingo! So I decided to do it (:

The reason why "Gotten your dream item" is half marked off in red, is because I dont have my dream dream item, but I have 3 of mine which are: Pet Seal, Pet Groundhog, and Kara's superhero masterpiece! (Which I got from Nevergrowup1)  But I don't have Artymis's Tangled Masterpiece (RIP ME) XD



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