Rare Item Monday!

Me: Hey Jammers! Graciepopstar91 here wit-
You guys: WHERE'S COOLCAT??? THIS ISN'T YOUR DAY TO POST GRACIE!!! *Tries to push her out of her chair where she is posting*
Me: Guys guys o.o-
You guys: *Still try to get her to stop posting*
Me: Guuuuys! I'm filling in for Coolcat!
You guys: *Stop pushing* Why? We have to deal with you two days in a row?
Me: -.- Because Coolcat wasn't feeling well, and I got her permission to fill in for her (:
You guys: Aww, that's nice of you (:
Me: Yeah (:
You guys: ...But couldn't you have got Ja, Arctic, or Sarah or somebody to fill in?
Me: You no like me do you? *Makes pouty face*
You guys: It's just uh-
Me: *Starts kicking and screaming*
You guys: You get a bit emotional and uh-
You guys: *Slowly walk away*
You guys: e3e

Mom's reaction to my intro: That's interesting.


Yes, Mom.. Yes, that was interesting..

Anywhooo, today I'm here, filling in for Coolcat, since she isn't feeling very good today. I hope you feel better soon! Please pray, everyone 😊.

Let's get going with today's post!

Today's RIM, is called Extra Salty Rare Popcorn! It's located in Jam-Mart-Furniture on the seventh page, it's priced at 444 gems, and is for all Jammer's!

Seem's like an item that would come out in April, for April Fool's Day, rather than July, but it's still a funny/cute little item. Slightly reminds me of when AJHQ played a little joke, and came out with the "Smol" Top Hat, hehe!

What's your thoughts on this item? I, personally, am pretty happy this item is for all Jammer's!

Don't forget to get this item today, and today only!

If you're viewing this post a day late, and didn't get to buy the RIM, I bought about 18 of them on LCJ's account, and would be more than happy to give them out if you need one!


With that, here's todays Bible verse!

John 8:32

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

A short, but powerful verse!

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for a special little post, announcing the giveaway winners, and talking about the Animal Jam app? An app that isn't Play Wild, Tunnel Town, or AJ Jump.. A brand new app, that's just for computers!

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  1. Oo could I have one? I missed it yesterday becuz I was busy srry XD


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